John Rich Reveals His Top 5 Places in Nashville

by Clayton Edwards

It doesn’t matter what city you find yourself in, if you want to find the best spots, you talk to a local. John Rich came to Nashville in the early 90s. He started his country music career as the bassist for Lonestar. After a few years, the band decided that Rich was no longer a good fit. As a result, he teamed up with Big Kenny to start Big & Rich. After that, he struck out on his own to start a solo career. Rich even has his own honky tonk in downtown Music City. In short, the guy knows Nashville.

Recently, John Rich spoke to Fox News Digital about his favorite spots in Nashville. He told the news outlet where to find a good meal, a vintage guitar, a good deal on a new gun, and more.

John Rich’s Favorite Nashville Spots

Nashville is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. It seems like the city changes almost every day. New businesses crop up and others fade away. At this point, it might be hard for a newcomer to find the best of what they’re looking for. Luckily, John Rich shared some of his insider secrets with Fox News Digital.

Gruhn Guitars

Located at 2120 8th Ave. South, Gruhn Guitars is hailed as the best vintage instrument store in the nation. John Rich said that this is his favorite place to buy instruments. Additionally, you might see other famous faces in there buying time-tested gear. As Rich pointed out, “Everyone from the Rolling Stones to Ricky Skaggs have bought guitars there.”

E3 Chophouse

When it’s time to grab a meal, John Rich heads to E3 Chophouse. Located at 1628 21st Ave. South, the multi-story restaurant sources their beef from their own herd of grass-fed cattle in Kansas. Additionally, the chophouse boasts a top-notch caviar bar, fresh seafood, and patio seating.

The Outpost Armory

If you’re in Nashville and looking for guns or ammo, John Rich would send you to the Outpost Armory. Located at 1132 Beasie Road in Murfreesboro, it’ll take you away from downtown. However, Rich says that it’s worth the drive. Rich says it is “The greatest gun store in America.” Rich added that his pal Ronnie Barrett owns the sprawling gun store. Barrett, Rich pointed out, “Is also the inventor of the famous Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle.”

The Ryman Auditorium

Of course, everyone knows about the Ryman. The Mother Church of Country Music is one of the most iconic venues in the United States. John Rich said it is his favorite place to see live music. Additionally, he married his wife in the venue. So, he has a deeper connection to it than most.

John Rich Loves His Bar

Located at 208 Broadway in Nashville, Redneck Riviera is John Rich’s favorite place in the city. He may be a tad biased, though. After all, it’s his bar. “My absolute favorite place to hang out is the greatest honky tonk in Nashville, the Redneck Riviera,” he said.