John Rich Rides in Blackhawk With Military Members: ‘An Unbelievable Experience’

by TK Sanders

Country music artist John Rich recently rode with young military pilots in a Blackhawk helicopter and shared a brief video of the experience on Twitter. The Big & Rich guitarist and frontman said that riding in the chopper with “these young men give me hope for America’s future.”

“Wow,” viewers can also see Rich saying about the ride. “Wow, wow, wow.”

Rich’s involvement with the military and veteran-centric nonprofit organizations is well-documented. In 2018, Rich taped an episode of the Today Show in New York City to promote his partnership with Folds of Honor. According to Rich, Folds of Honor awards scholarships to children and spouses of fallen servicemen or women in order to “fill in the gaps” for young people suddenly without as much family support in their lives.

“Folds of Honor is an organization started by Major Dan Rooney, who one day saw the caskets unloading from under a service plane, all draped in the American flag. He then thought to himself, ‘There’s got to be something we can do for these families; this man and this woman gave their life for this country, so what about their kids or their spouse?'” Rich explained. “We support [Folds of Honor] with my brand Redneck Riviera. I just wrote a check on behalf of the brand that covered 37 college grants. So it’s a big deal [to us].”

John Rich donates ten percent of his profits from Redneck Riviera to Folds of Honor and similar military nonprofits

Founded in 2014, Redneck Riviera offers a wide variety of products and services for country fans, from BBQ sauce to whiskey to apparel. And as always, a portion of his profits go directly to various nonprofits; many of which enjoy connections to the military and service veterans.

“I have a bar,” he said in an interview with Forbes in December 2021. “And also Redneck Riviera Whiskey. I have a barbecue sauce which is now in 3,000 stores. We have an apparel line, and we also have a boot line in all fifty states.”

Rich said he likes partnering with the military because they protect his freedoms every day — freedoms that allowed a poor kid from Texas to earn a comfortable life.

“The only reason a guy like me, who has a high school diploma and grew up in a double-wide trailer in Amarillo, Texas can achieve all of this, is because I have the right to pursue happiness. [I can] exhaust my potential,” Rich said. “And the only reason we have those rights is because men and women, for the past two hundred plus years, have been willing to die to keep the right alive.”

Rich recently learned to better shoot a pistol thanks to guidance from some of the Army’s finest

In March of this year, Rich teamed up with the military yet again; this time for a pistol shooting lesson which he also shared via Twitter.

“I had the great honor of being trained on pistol skills today by several highly decorated Veteran Green Beret and Rangers,” Rich said. “This drill: Fire 1 round. Drop the clip. Reload new clip. Chamber the round. Hit the target. God bless the American Military! They are total badasses.”