John Rich Salutes Vietnam Veteran Who Inspired Big and Rich Song ‘The 8th of November’

by Sean Griffin

John Rich took to Twitter to salute the Vietnam Veteran that inspired his duo’s hit song “The 8th of November.”

The country musician posted a photo of himself alongside a veteran named Niles Harris. The pair smiles at the camera and holds two custom whiskey bottles.

“Hanging out having a @RedneckRiviera #Whiskey with my friend Niles Harris!” he wrote in his caption. “His story of valor in Vietnam was the inspiration for the @bigandrich song #The8thOfNovember. Sir, we SALUTE you! #DrinkAmerican.”

“One of my favorite songs. Thank you for bringing it to us the way that you did,” one fan wrote. They continued, saying, “And thank him for his service.”

Another fan wrote, “My son & I took my Mom to Nashville this past weekend. Her only request was to go to your place @RedneckRiviera , but it was just too full. Maybe next time. We love ya @johnrich & your love for our country & especially your love for the people.”

A final fan wrote “Big Salute to Niles Harris.” Country music fans were happy to see Harris receive the well-earned recognition.

The Nashville singer holds a soft spot in his heart for veterans. Furthermore, Rich is a politically outspoken personality, and has been for some time.

Rich commonly associates himself with conservative political figures. At the end of 2021, he appeared on camera with The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, whose media company is based out of Nashville. He’s also a frequent guest on Fox News programs.

Recently, Rich stated on the Fox News show Outnumbered that President Joe Biden was successful in uniting the country.

John Rich Shares His Recent Political Views

However, Rich’s assessment of the country’s unity is different than the president’s intentions. The country singer believes that current policies have led to inflation and high gas prices. 

John Rich elaborated on how he thinks Joe Biden has ‘united’ Americans. “What he’s done has stepped so far outside the bounds of political differences that now it’s hitting everybody on daily things that they deal with,” he said. The place everyone can find common ground is their pocketbooks, according to Rich. “Gas prices don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican. When you go and buy a dozen eggs and you’re like, ‘how much are these eggs?’ And then you’re going to Costco and going, ‘You know what? I’m going to buy the big bulk stuff.’ That affects everybody, too. So, listen, he said he was going to bring unity,” Rich joked.

Then, John Rich went on to bring up a poll he claims he noticed recently. “I saw the poll earlier this month that said, was it 88% of Americans said that we’re on the wrong track in this country. That’s quite a feat to get 88% of Americans to agree on anything. But Joe did it,” he quipped. “Good job, Joe. He did bring unity, and now we’re unified that we don’t like what’s going on.”