Johnny Cash Water Tower Has Embarrassing Leak After Vandal Takes a Shot at It

by Jonathan Howard

Kingsland, Arkansas doesn’t have much. 447 people. And one claim to fame. Oh, and the Johnny Cash water tower! Those last two points blend into one another. The small town is the birthplace of the country music legend. It’s now got all eyes on its water tower silhouette of the icon.

Johnny’s Water Tower Sprang a Leak

  • The silhouette of Johnny Cash on the water tower of Kingsland, Arkansas was shot at
  • Since last Tuesday the image of Cash appears to be relieving itself
  • 30,000+ gallons have been lost in the 50,000-gallon tank
  • The repair is going to cost roughly $5,000 for the small town of around 500 people

Sometimes, people in small towns do dumb things. Like shoot at a water tower. Now, the thing I like about this particular story is that the shooter didn’t get carried away. One shot, in and out. That’s all they needed. Right between the legs of Cash.

Check out the video below and see for yourself.

You know… I’d like to think that Johnny Cash would love his water tower tribute to be seen in this light. A steady stream up above the town where he was born. The shot hit the right leg of the silhouette, and up close you can tell that the stream is off-center. However, from the ground, it sure looks close enough.

The incident happened last Tuesday, and there’s been a ton of water lost. About 30,000+ gallons have been lost. With a repair that is going to cost $5,000 and losing $200 worth of water every day, it’s a tough situation for a small town. So, let’s hope that Kingsland can let this joke die out, fix the tower, and get their tribute back up for Cash.

One of the other negative side effects of the incident is people’s water. While it is funny to see, for folks that have discolored water for the next few days, it isn’t a laughing matter. When a story like this goes viral, people are usually more than happy to lend a hand.

Growing up in Kingsland, AR

Of course, Cash grew up in Kingsland, and his family didn’t have much. Along with his brothers and sisters, the young singer-songwriter would be brought up by his sharecropper parents.

While the family didn’t have much, they made the move from Kingsland up to Cleveland. However, they were still poor sharecroppers. So, to help out, Johnny’s older brother Jack worked cutting wood. That’s where his brother would be injured in an accident. It was May 1944 when the young boy died. The estate of Cash still remembers Johnny’s brother who inspired him in many ways.