Jon Pardi Gives Off Strong Cowboy Vibes in Behind the Scenes Photo of New Music Video

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

There isn’t much about country music‘s Jon Pardi that doesn’t absolutely scream cowboy, however, his latest Instagram photo captures the “Tequila Little Time” singer giving off the strongest of cowboy vibes. Boasting a short-sleeve pearl snap shirt, golden belt buckle, and bright white cowboy hat, Jon Pardi took a moment from shooting to enjoy the Las Vegas atmosphere. Check it out.

While taking a minute to absorb Nevada’s gentle spring weather in his latest photo, Jon Pardi captioned the post, “Shooting the [Last Night Lonely] music video today in sunny Las Vegas.”

“Last Night Lonely” is currently spinning on country radio as Jon Pardi’s latest single, the hopeful lyrics painting the image of a couple’s first and last meeting in an old barroom, before committing to the reality of a genuine relationship.

Down in the comments beneath the photo, Jon Pardi fans shared excitement for the star’s newest music video, as well as album number four.

“Your the #1 Pardi Man,” commented one of Pardi’s followers.

Another said, “Yes. I am so ready for album 4.” As are we all!

Of the “Last Night Lonely” post, one fan said, “Looking forward to seeing the new music video.”

Until Jon Pardi drops the music video for “Last Night Lonely,” you can catch me playing the song on loop over on Spotify.

‘Vibe’ for Jon Pardi’s Fourth Album ‘All Over the Place’

Since emerging from the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic, country music has dipped more than just its toe into vocal and instrumental influences from across other genres. Thomas Rhett’s latest album, Where We Started, features heavy pop influences, the title track a duet with none other than Katy Perry. Meanwhile, rising country star, HARDY, just recently experimented with hardcore rock influences when he dropped his latest piece, “Sold Out.”

Now, while working on album number four, Jon Pardi, who’s more often than not stuck to more traditional country music sounds and values, shared the “vibe” for the yet unreleased collection of songs is “all over the place.”

While speaking with Taste of Country Nights, Pardi explained what makes it so difficult to nail down a certain theme and sound when making a new album.

“It’s really easy when you ask our group what we can not live without,” he said. “Then the list fills up really quick.”

Of the album’s overall persona, he said, “I can’t even tell you the vibe of the record, because it’s all over the place right now. But that’s the way we like our records.”

Unfortunately, Jon Pardi and his team appear to be struggling with nailing down the songs that will feature on the upcoming album. So who knows when we might expect to see access to it?

Currently, Pardi is working with a massive list of 30 new songs, though just 13 of those will debut on the upcoming album.