Jon Pardi Shares Heartfelt Memorial Day Tribute ‘Remembering and Honoring Those We’ve Lost’

by TK Sanders

Country music star Jon Pardi took to Instagram over the weekend to send a special message to his followers in observance of Memorial Day. The “Heartache Medication” singer posted a photo of himself and his band, cowboy hats in hand, saluting the crowd during a live performance. In the background, an American flag graphic waved proudly.

His caption read, “I say it every year…thank you will never be enough. Today is about remembering and honoring those we’ve lost, for our freedom.” Short and sweet in its simplicity, Pardi reminded fans what the holiday weekend is really all about.

Jon Pardi’s Memorial Day salute to the troops struck the perfect chord, but he says his next album is “all over the place”

Pardi’s next studio album — his fourth since debuting close to a decade ago — isn’t quite nearing the finish line, he said; but it is coming together nicely, even if it’s trying to pack a lot of vibes into one cohesive package.

“I can’t even tell you the vibe of the record, because it’s all over the place right now,” he shared with Taste of Country in March. “But that’s the way we like our records. We bring it in, we get all these songs … then we get the final list and it’s like, ‘Now we can talk about it.'”

What he does know is that the still-unfinished album will include his new single “Last Night Lonely” and about 13 more songs. Pardi and his team will choose the winners out of about 30 they’ve recorded so far.

“It’s really easy when you ask our group what can we not live without,” he quipped. “Then the list fills up really quick.”

“Last Night Lonely” bolsters the new album with its early success

Pardi’s last effort, Heartache Medication, was nominated for Album of the Year at both the CMA and ACM Awards in 2020. The radio singles all reached the Top 5 on Billboard‘s Country Airplay chart. And the title track hit No. 1 overall; so he’s likely feeling a little pressure to live up to expectations.

His single “Last Night Lonely” proved a nice traditional bop that also crossed over to country radio well. After just a few weeks in rotation, it climbed into the Top 40 and enjoyed a nice run. The song features a swaggering country track about a guy buying a drink for a woman at a bar. The song romantically suggests that this could be the first day of the rest of their lives together.

“It’s just really from that very moment of meeting a girl in a bar, maybe she’s got her heart broke. And from that very first instance, progressing through the night and all the last times as you’re getting to know her,” songwriter Jimi Bell said of the song.