Jon Pardi Opens Up About His Fifth Chart-Topper ‘Last Night Lonely’

by Clayton Edwards

Jon Pardi introduced himself to the country music world in 2014 with his debut album Write You a Song. Since then, Pardi has dropped two more albums and landed more than a dozen singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart as well as the Country Airplay chart. Recently, the California native notched his fifth chart-topper with his single “Last Night Lonely.”

“Last Night Lonely” was the lead single from Jon Pardi’s fourth studio album Mr. Saturday Night which drops Friday. Going into this album with another chart-topper under his belt is a big deal for Pardi. He’s no stranger to the top-10, but most of his songs usually peak below the top spot.

Jon Pardi on “Last Night Lonely”

Recently, Jon Pardi talked a little about the single. “We knew there was something there, and we knew it was a little different,” he said. “But it kind of reminded us of ‘Night Shift’ and we love ‘Night Shift’.”

The similarities between the songs are there. However, as Jon Pardi points out, there are some key differences. “This was more of a first-time romantic kind of thing. It just had a cool temp, and it was a sweet meaning of a guy coming on to a girl. It was romantic, better written. More furniture, as we songwriters say.”

Speaking of songwriters, Joe Fox, Jimi Bell, and Dylan Marlowe co-penned “Last Night Lonely” and it’s their first number one. About this, Pardi said, “It’s incredibly cool to have it be the first number-one for the writers, too. I’m so excited for them.”

Pardi Was Hooked the First Time He Heard “Last Night Lonely”

“I love the way ‘Last Night Lonely’ [was] written, and when I first heard it I knew it was one I wanted, for sure, on the new record,” Jon Pardi recalled. He was happy to see that his fans agreed with him. “The response to the song has been really amazing to watch,” he said, “we knew we felt good about it, but it has really connected with our fans.”

Mr. Saturday Night Is Going to Be a Banger

So far, we’ve heard a few songs from Jon Pardi’s new album. “Last Night Lonely” dropped in February. Then, Midland released “Longneck Way to Go” in April. The next month, Pardi released “Fill ‘Er Up” and shared the album’s title track last month. All of those songs have been country gold and the album will probably give us more of the same.

Luckily, we only have to wait a couple more days to hear the rest of the album. For some fans, it’s going to be a long couple of days, but at least we have a stack of singles to hold us over until early Friday morning.