Jon Pardi Reveals What He’s Definitely ‘Not Ready’ for When He Becomes a Dad

by Samantha Whidden
(ABC via Getty Images)

While his music career is continuing to heat up, Jon Pardi is reflecting on the future, including becoming a father to his soon-to-be daughter.

During a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Jon Pardi revealed how excited he is to have a daughter with his wife Summer Duncan. However, there’s one stage of parenting he’s not exactly excited about. “You know what, I’m excited, I’m not really nervous,” Pardi explained. He then said he’s not ready for the high school stage. “But that’s a long ways away. I’m excited! I’m not getting any younger, it’s time to have kids.” 

Jon Pardi then said there was a time when he and his wife weren’t sure if they were going to be able to have kids. However, that all changed. “We went down to Key West to finish the record, sing the vocals, came back with a baby, so thank you, Key West Florida,” Pardi declared. “You are awesome, can’t wait to come back.” 

As previously reported, Jon Pardi and his wife announced in September they were expecting their first child. “I’m ready to start a new adventure with my wonderful wife Summer and our new little one,” Pardi shared with PEOPLE. “Pardi of three! I’m really excited to meet our baby and to have someone to ride around the ranch with.” 

Jon Pardi announced in mid-October that he and Summer are expecting a baby girl. The couple married in November 2020 a little over a year after Pardi proposed to Summer on stage at the Ryman Auditorium.

Jon Pardi Celebrates CMA Award Nominations & Paying Tribute to Alan Jackson 

Meanwhile, Jon Pardi spoke to Fox News Digital about his CMA Award nominations. “I feel like it’s always goals,” Pardi shared. “You get nominated, or you don’t get nominated, you still come, and you see everybody nominated, and you’re like, ‘I want to be there one day.’”

Jon Pardi further explained that he feels like that’s what awards are for. “It’s for progress, it’s for achievements. I feel like as an artist you always want to get it next year, I’ll show them next year and a lot of the awards have that, and I feel like it’s always been a goals thing, and you get to see your heroes. It’s a fun time.”

Also speaking about paying tribute to one of his idols, Alan Jackson, Pardi stated, “He’s always been somebody I looked up to as a kid that didn’t know anything about the music business or songwriting, I just loved his sound and his songs. Then you start playing in bands, and he’s still there just cranking out hits. Alan Jackson is one of the best songwriters in the business, and he writes it like it is. I always compare him to Merle Haggard. I feel like Alan and Merle are very similar in the way of their writing.”