Jon Pardi’s Wife Summer Shares Never-Before-Seen Wedding Footage To Celebrate Anniversary

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jason Davis/WireImage)

Jon Pardi and his wife Summer are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first child, who is scheduled to make their appearance in early 2023. However, before baby Pardi arrives, the country couple is celebrating something else. Recently, the singer’s wife took to Instagram with never-before-seen wedding footage in celebration of their anniversary together. 

Summer sweetly captioned the post, “Happy anniversary handsome[,] i love you,” which saw lots of love in the comments. 

“[Forever] the prettiest bride. Good lord,” one fan commented. Another gushed, “The most perfect couple. Happy Anniversary you guys.” 

Other fans shared their love for Jon Pardi and Summer while simultaneously expressing their excitement for the couple’s unborn baby. 

One fan wrote, “Happy Anniversary to y’all both and congratulations on y’all little one.” A fourth person added, “Love y’all! The only thing that’ll ever top that day is when baby girl is born.” 

Meanwhile, the photos themselves are truly stunning. The photomontage features images from Jon Pardi and Summer Duncan’s wedding ceremony as well as from their reception. Summer’s anniversary tribute to her famous husband was made even sweeter after she set the photomontage to Michal Leah’s tune, “The Way I Love You.” 

Jon Pardi and His Wife Already Have a Name Picked Out for Their Baby

Though Baby Pardi isn’t expected to make their arrival until early 2023, Jon Pardi and Summer previously revealed they already have a name picked out. Unfortunately, though, they’ve chosen to keep it a secret until the little one actually arrives. 

The country music star teased us with this latest tidbit of baby info while speaking with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet at the 56th annual CMA Awards

“We have a name,” he said, “It’s done.” 

That’s that, I suppose. 

Nevertheless, Jon Pardi and Summer have faced multiple difficulties in their efforts to start a family. According to CMT, the country music singer and his wife were originally planning to wed over Memorial Day weekend in 2020. However, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, they, like many hopeful couples, had to reschedule their ceremony. Instead of hosting a destination wedding as they’d planned, the couple moved their date to November. They instead wed on November 21st, 2020 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 

After celebrating their marriage to one another, they then began efforts to have their first child. Pardi’s wife Summer was outspoken in that it was a real struggle for them to actually get pregnant.

“It was definitely an interesting two years of ups and downs,” Summer admitted. “The constant letdown month after month can be really hard on a couple.” 

Unsurprisingly, the couple was blessed with the baby news after they “decided to take a break.”