Justin Moore and Priscilla Block Talk About Their New Single ‘You, Me, & Whiskey’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Following the release of their new single You, Me, & Whiskey, Justin Moore and Priscilla Block open up about the song. 

While speaking to MusicRow, Justin Moore reflected on the meaning behind the new song. “You read ‘You, Me, & Whiskey,’ and you think of spring break, hookup, whatever,” he said. “But for me, as a guy who’s been married for 15 years with four beautiful children, it’s about making time for your romantic relationship.”

Justin Moore stated while his children are priorities in his and his wife’s lives, they have to make their relationship a priority. “That’s what the song represents to me,” he continued. “But the best thing about country music is that it can mean many things to many people.”

“Anyone can related to it,” Block chimed in about the song. “Because it’s about taking time to work on the things you really need to as a person and in your relationships.” 

You, Me, & Whiskey is set to appear on Justin Moore’s sixth studio album, which will be released next year. 

Justin Moore Talks Working With Priscilla Block on ‘You, Me, & Whiskey’ 

Meanwhile, Justin Moore recently spoke to Taste of Country about teaming up with Priscilla Block for the new single. The duo notably booked to play at the same acoustic radio show. 

“Back then I was doing those shows as a new artist, I was intimidated by them,” Justin Moore explained. “And I’m going, ‘Man, no one wants to see me here.’ But I have to say this: Priscilla stole the show. Quite honestly. No one cared what [I] or whomever else was doing onstage, because Priscilla was so captivating and so great with the audience.” 

While working on a demo for the new track, Justin Moore immediately thought of Block to duet with. “I thought, ‘Man, I wonder if I could get Priscilla to jump on this with me.’ And for whatever reason, she said yes.”

Block then spoke about her first impression of Justin Moore at the radio show. “After the show, Justin came up to me and just kind of made a point of saying hi,” she recalled. “And he was like, ‘If there’s anything I can do for you, let me know’. It was just a really cool moment because that doesn’t always happen.” 

Block also stated that before meeting Justin Moore, she actually loved his music. “And a couple of months later, they called and asked, ‘Hey, do you wanna get on this song?’” She spoke about teaming up with Moore. “I was freaking out. No one’s ever asked me to do a duet. So that was huge. And when I listened to the song – anything I’m gonna jump on, I really wanna make sure that it feels like, and feels authentic, and when I listen to it, it was an immediate yes.”