Kacey Musgraves Gets ‘Bit on the A–‘ by Wild-Looking Sika Deer, Posts Pics

by Tia Bailey

Country music star Kacey Musgraves shared several photos of deer on her Instagram page while in Japan. The Sika Deer amazed viewers.

Musgraves posted several photos of the deer hanging around town, with her location set to Nara, Japan. She included a long caption about the deer.

“BigDeerEnergy in the ancient town of Nara, Japan. These Sika deer have gathered here and overtaken this sacred Buddhist town for centuries,” she wrote. “The Buddhists and townspeople considered them to be ‘messengers of the gods’ so they let them hang around. For being ‘holy’ spirits they were actually kinda f*cking aggressive because they were fiending over the deer crackers that are sold around the temple. One actually bit me on the ass. In my 34 years I can now somehow say that I’ve been bitten by a pig on my face cheek (I know – I didn’t see it coming, either) and now bitten by a deer on my other cheek. Counts for something, I’m sure.”

Musgraves included a video in the post of her petting the deer on the head while the deer sat perfectly content. While the photos of the deer themselves had fans in awe, the last photo of four photos that read “Bite,” “Kick,” “Butt,” and “Knock down” featuring deer drawings doing just those actions had people laughing.

Fellow singer YaSi wrote: “we were losing our sh*t over the “bite / kick / BUTT / knock down” signs lmaoooo.”

Another fan wrote: “Wow, this is soooo beautiful.”

Musgraves shared more photos with the deer on her Twitter.

Kacey Musgraves Celebrates Birthday in Japan

The singer is currently in Japan performing concerts. She recently celebrated her 34th birthday while there. She has shared many photos and videos of her time in Japan to her Instagram.

Alongside a string of photos, she shared a caption on her special day, writing: “34 = grounded, grateful, in love, inspired, and surrounded by beauty. Woke up in Tokyo to the most gorgeous flowers, desserts, and a love letter that could end every other f*cking love letter ever written. (seriously) Then spent the rest of the morning strolling the Imperial Palace grounds mesmerized by the glittering koi fish, stunning ancient castles and Japanese gardens. We played Osaka that night and afterwards hit the town. I tried fried crickets. If the first 24 hours of 34 was an indication of how the rest is gonna go – I’m f*cking in. Thanks for all the love.. “

Fans wished the star a happy birthday in the comments. Makeup artist Kandee Johnson wrote: “Happiest birthday you sparkling angel. You have been adding sparkle to this planet for 34 years…and the biggest dazzling sparkles are just getting started! Love you like 80’s rhinestone encrusted, pastel plastic jewelry.”