Kane Brown Celebrates 29th Birthday, His Wife Katelynn Posts Heartfelt Tribute

by Suzanne Halliburton

Katelynn Brown, wife of country music superstar Kane Brown, should be in charge of writing everyone’s birthday cards. She knows exactly what to say.

Take her words to her husband, as he turned 29 and started his last year of such a key decade in life. Katelynn found some beautiful family photos for a birthday-themed gallery. And this is how she captioned the snaps:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE! The most amazing hubby, daddy, friend and all of the above. God definitely spent a little more time on you and I feel so blessed to get to live this life with you. You impact everyone you come across and it’s so effortless, you truly are something special. Love you more everyday. Thank you Jesus for this man.”

See, we told you she wrote the perfect greeting. And if you sift through the This-Is-Kane-Brown gallery, you’ll find several photos of the couple. There’s also a snap of Kane duck hunting and one of the country superstar on stage.

Kane Brown is everywhere these days. His career and personal life certainly are ascending as he starts his 29th year on Earth. The most important moment of his 28th year was the birth of daughter, Kodi Jane. She joins sister Kingsley to bring the Brown family to four. But the girls outnumber Kane 3 to 1.

He sat down with Gayle King, a co-host on CBS Mornings, this past week. And King asked Kane Brown about his two kids.

“I just always wanted to give them the life that I never had,” Brown said.

He also celebrated another life milestone in the days leading up to his birthday. Kane and Katelynn commemorated wedding anniversary No. 4. It also coincided with his award as CMT Artist of the Year, So October is special in the Kane Brown family. Last week, Katelynn shared some vacation snapshots of the Brown’s trip to East Tennessee and specifically, Dollywood.

In mid-September, Kane and Katelynn Brown became official singing partners. The two released their duet, “Thank God.” And it was an instant hit. The song was most-added on country radio the first week of its release.

“So, me and Kate have been trying to release a song for like five years now,” Kane Brown told reporters. “And we kept getting songs coming in, we thought that you know, each of them was the song for us but it never felt right. So my buddy Josh, that’s signed to my publishing deal, he sent me a song called ‘Thank God’ and I listened to it and I fell in love with it. And then kept listening to it and kept listening to it.”

Here’s hoping the birthday party was as meaningful as Katelyn’s beautiful words.