Kane Brown Says He’d Love To Do a Rock Collaboration in the Future

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Kane Brown is a country music artist, but he’s leaving the door wide open for collaborations with other genres like rock. On the E! News web series, Drive!, the country crooner recently talked about his favorite topics, one of which was rock music, which is his favorite genre outside of country.

Brown took host Austin J. Mills on a tour of Nashville while driving in a custom orange and black 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Sports Car. “I’m a huge rock fan,” Brown revealed. However, we’re not talking about old-school stuff like Elvis or Pink Floyd. “And when I say rock, I mean Slipknot, I mean, I’m a Green Day fan too, but I’m talking – I’m a workout fiend so, like, heavy – Slipknot, Korn, crazy stuff.”

Brown loves the idea of delving into metal music, but he doesn’t feel confident that he could go all in and make it his main focus. “I couldn’t. I’m not the type of guy that could do that,” Brown explained. “I don’t have that brand.”

However, he might be selling himself a bit short. In his young career, he’s already expanded his musical horizons. Brown has had the opportunity to work with successful artists such as rapper Swae Lee, DJ Marshmallow, and Nelly. Along with Chris Young, Lauren Alaina, and Blake Shelton, he has also recorded songs with other well-known country artists. Brown’s newest album, “Different Man,” features a Shelton collaboration on the title track.

Kane Brown revealed a snub from a Country Music veteran

Brown says he has his mind on country artist Jason Aldean for a potential duet. “I’ve been trying to get him on the phone, but he keeps blowing me off,” Brown quipped. At first, Brown stated that “Different Man” was offered to Jason Aldean. “Jason Aldean, if you’re listening, stop blowing him off,” Mills joked when learning of the snub.

Brown has changed considerably in the past year. In 2021, he traveled (and sold out) all 29 NBA arenas plus launched 1021 Entertainment and Verse 2 Music. This is his joint venture label and music publishing agreement with Sony Music Nashville.

In a recent interview with Connect Savannah, Kane Brown opened up about how his music writing has leveled up. “I think it’s evolved. When we were working on it before the pandemic it was sort of going in one direction, but now it has sort of evolved into something new,” he said. However, Brown was tight-lipped about exactly what to expect with “Different Man.”

“I don’t want to give too much away just yet since it’s still coming together, but I love previewing music for my fans – it’s just something I’ve always done – and I love hearing their feedback. I’m excited to play some of the new music live,” he added.