Kane Brown Reveals Duet That Was Originally Pitched to Jason Aldean

by Suzanne Halliburton
Dillon Sherlock/CBS via Getty Images

If you’ve listened to Kane Brown and Blake Shelton sing “Different Man,” you know that this collaboration sounds just right with the country music stars. But Brown claims that he envisioned recording the duet with another country music artist. So Jason Aldean, next time, return your messages. Brown revealed the detail last month while co-hosting Country Countdown USA.

“I’ve been dying to have a song with Jason, but I will say, one of the songs I sent him that he didn’t get back to me on,” Kane Brown teased on the countdown. “Another huge country artist jumped on it. I haven’t mentioned this, but another country artist is on my album and I’m so stoked to have him on.”

Yep, Brown was talking about Shelton. And depending on which interview, Kane Brown mentions that Shelton was his top choice. However, don’t blame Brown if he still wants to collaborate with Aldean. He calls it his dream.

“I’ve been trying to get him on a song, but he’s been blowing me off,” Brown said.

But then came that wonderful duet with Shelton. The two work well together. After all, Shelton asked Brown to be his team’s mentor on The Voice back in 2020.

Blake Shelton and Kane Brown worked together on The Voice. (Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Kane Brown, Blake Shelton Sing About Breaking the Mundane in Duet

Despite not getting to work with Aldean on a song yet, Brown was excited to team up with Shelton on “Different Man.” It’s a song about breaking the mundane. The man sings about how he’s destined to work 9 to 5, marry a girl and build a family and white picket fence. Yet, our man singing the song doesn’t dream that dream.

What if I was made for the stage, what if I was made for the lights? What if I was chosen to write the stories, wasn’t built to work the line. Oh, what if I was different, would I wanna be different?

Kane Brown said the song is perfect to share with Shelton. He told Billboard the exact moment when he knew.

“I was driving to the gym — that’s where I really have time to think and listen. I wanted one more feature on the album, and Blake was the first person I thought of. The song just reminded me of the ‘God’s Country’ kind of Blake Shelton, so I felt like it made sense.”

In an interview with Apple Music’s Today’s Country Radio, Kane Brown said: “I feel like I’m a great A&R and so I was listening to the song over and over and over and trying to figure out, like, somebody can be on this song. And Blake was the first person that popped into my head. So I sent it to him and then within 30 minutes he texted me back and said he’s on it. So that was just a crossing my fingers, hoping he could find time to record it.”

See what happens when someone texts you back? You get a great country duet. The album, which also is entitled “Different Man,” debuted at No. 2 on last week’s Billboard chart.

It’s a Friday, so it’s the perfect time to listen to Kane Brown and Blake Shelton.