Kane Brown Speaks on Difficulty of Being Away From Family While Touring

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMT/Viacom)

For Kane Brown, family is everything. The country star’s adoring wife and adorable two daughters aren’t only his most cherished family members but also his best friends. So while being on tour and meeting his fans all around the world is an amazing, rewarding experience for Brown, he can’t deny that it’s also one of the toughest things he’s ever had to do.

Now, when the “Famous Friends” singer ventures across the United States on tour, it’s not a problem at all. He simply brings his wife and children along for the adventure, thanks to an exceptionally lavish tour bus.

International tours, on the other hand, mean being away from his beloved girls for days, sometimes weeks, at a time. And for Kane Brown, anything over two days is nothing short of heartbreaking.

“So, I have two daughters, Kingsley Rose Brown, she’s two, and Kodi Jane,” Brown explained to Good Morning America. “It’s super rough being away from the family. I think two days, for me, is kinda like my breaking point. I was gone to Australia and New Zealand for sixteen days.”

“When you’re gone for sixteen days, it’s like, what’s going on? Like, what are they doing? What am I missing? It gets really scary…because I don’t want to watch them grow up through a phone.”

“My daughter’s mad at me that I’ve been away for so long so she won’t talk to me. She’s only two and she already has that attitude so I’m waiting until she’s sixteen,” the doting father added with a laugh.

Kane Brown Talks Being a Supportive Dad

From the moment Kane Brown’s wife, Katelyn, revealed that she was pregnant for the first time, being a supportive dad became a top priority for the country star. While he sat in awe of his beautiful life, thinking of all the things they would one day do as a family, he already knew that he was “gonna try to be there” for his kids no matter what.

The Tennessee native thought of his tumultuous childhood, his absentee father, and the pain inflicted upon him by his stepfathers. Looking back on his own life, a determination filled him to never allow his own children to suffer in the ways he did. “I just always wanted to give them a life that I never had,” he explained on a recent episode of CBS Mornings.

His children are still in diapers, but Kane Brown’s tremendous efforts as a father have clearly not gone unappreciated. The country music star’s daughters couldn’t adore him more. And Brown feels exactly the same way about them. “She’s just fun, she makes my days better,” he said of his eldest child, Kingsley.

Even the tough parts of parenthood are a joy to Kane Brown. While many parents can’t wait to get their children out of diapers, Brown is savoring every moment.

“Honestly, when I was first about to be a parent, I thought I was gonna be scared to change a diaper… But honestly, it’s like one of my favorite times,” the singer explained to Entertainment Tonight. “At least with Kingsley, because she fights me and so I have to, like, go into playful mode just to change her. And that’s when she laughs the hardest.”