Keith Urban Brings Nicole Kidman Out on Stage for Funny Moment at Las Vegas Show: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

There aren’t many couples out there quite like Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. The two are the definition of a power couple. At a recent Las Vegas show, the country music singer decided to bring his wife out on stage to the delight of many fans. It was a funny moment that you have to see for yourself.

The singer-songwriter made his wife introduce herself as she came out on stage to make sure that he didn’t lose the jacket he came out on stage with.

Check out the video below.

These two travel everywhere together. From New York to Las Vegas, London to Melbourne, it doesn’t matter. They are always together and this is another example. Of course, they do it because it works. You can tell that they just like being with one another and fans love seeing moments like this when they go to an Urban show.

The Australian musician has made a career that has spanned the last thirty years and then some. Since marrying Nicole Kidman in 2006, Keith Urban has done so much in his music career, as well as appearing in TV and film. Is there anyone out there quite like Urban?

While the couple is a shining example now, things weren’t always easy on the two superstars. There was a point in the singer’s life when addiction was taking hold and causing issues in his personal life. Urban has been open about his struggles, and it has clearly made him stronger by getting through them.

Keith Urban Details How He Quit Partying to Save Marriage with Nicole Kidman

When it comes to an addiction, things don’t always make sense. It can be a powerful disease and cause you to forget about your other priorities and things. However, Keith Urban was able to save his marriage with Nicole Kidman by reflecting. He detailed that experience in an interview with The Sun.

“Life is very different nowadays. I’m trying to set a good example for the kids. But I still don’t know if I’m getting it right,” Urban explained. He has two children, Sunday and Faith, 13 and 11, respectively. “I have made so many mistakes, but you have to work out what works for you. My message to them is to always do whatever they are passionate about, I don’t care, as long as they work hard to achieve it.”

Urban went into rehab in 2006 and it changed his life for the better. He’s always open to talk about his past struggles. Over the years, the country music singer has worked on his music as well as himself. It’s been something that his fans and loved ones have supported him through the whole way.