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Keith Urban Has Major Concern for Country Music Community

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)

Keith Urban has some concerns for the country music community, and it has to do with people being “ripped apart” when they should be supporting each other. He spoke to Beasley Media Group about the “tribe” of country artists that come together and support one another in their endeavors, and then shared that he feels there’s a “rift” forming in the community.

“It feels like a tribe, and we’re really a tight family, and we all need each other,” he said. “At the end of the day, we’ve all got something to offer each other, and that communal fabric is really important to maintain.”

He then took a moment to discuss what he feels is happening to that communal fabric. “It’s getting ripped apart right now for multitudes of reasons, and I think keeping it strong and keeping it together is really important,” he said. He shared some of his own experiences in country music as well. Mainly how being a part of that community helped him through hard times.

“All I know is my life has, like a lot of people’s lives, contrasted from a lot of self-destruction and struggle in my life that I was able to get through with a strong faith and strong support of friends and family,” he said. Keith Urban struggled with addiction for a long time, and it was the support of his colleagues, friends, and especially his wife, Nicole Kidman, who helped him through it.

“That contrast gives me real gratitude for what I get to do musically, as a husband, as a father, as a part of this community, part of the tribe of us artists here,” he added.

Keith Urban Talks Community While Gearing Up For Australian Leg of Tour

Keith Urban is currently on his Speed of Now Tour, preparing for the Australian leg of the tour this December. Additionally, he showed his support for the country music community by attending the CMA Awards on Nov. 9 despite not being nominated this year. He’s also in talks for another Las Vegas residency at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood in March 2023.

Recently, he spoke about his new residency with Country Now. He’s actually moving from the Colosseum at Caesars Palace to Zappos Theater. “The Caesars Palace Organization said, ‘Planet Hollywood, there’s a room over there that you guys may love even more,’” said Urban. “And it’s a slightly bigger room, different kind of energy. I haven’t played in there yet, but I’ve been in that room, and it’s amazing energy. So, I’m really looking forward to being able to build something from the ground up to go in there.” 

Keith Urban also added that he loves being in Las Vegas. He said the energy and audiences are amazing every night. “Night after night, even a Friday night, it’s gonna be different,” he said. “The next Friday night is different from the one before. It’s always unexpected.”