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Keith Urban Unveils Rare Wedding Footage During Las Vegas Residency Performance

by Taylor Cunningham
Keith Urban Nicole Kidman
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

The audience of Keith Urban’s Las Vegas residency recently had the rare treat of seeing live footage from his June 2006 wedding ceremony with Nicole Kidman.

The country music superstar and his Oscar-winning wife have always been each other’s number one supporters, and they’ve never shied away from showing their affection in public. But most of the details from their romantic life remain private. In fact, the couple opted to keep their nuptials completely out of the public eye, and there are very few photos from the day circulating online.

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So it came as a huge surprise when Urban include a few clips from his wedding during his March 11 performance. He paired the videos with his 2010 chart-topper, Without You.

While he sang the words “The traveling, the singing, it don’t mean nothing without you…” a screen lit up behind him and highlighted place cards reading “Keith” and “Nicole,” then it jumped to a video of candles floating through a river before zooming in on the couple’s new wedding bands.

Finally, clips of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman appeared. In them, they looked deeply in love as they gazed into each other’s eyes and whisper private words to each other.

Nicole Kidman Gave Keith Urban Permission to Highlight ‘Just a Little Bit’ of their Wedding Footage

Following the event, Urban spoke exclusively with PEOPLE and explained why he decided to reveal the footage nearly 17 years after saying “I Do.”

“I wanted to do it in a very organic way and find the right song,” he told the publication. “It was really more about choosing to do that song, Without You, and how that felt like the right time for that.” 

The Grammy winner shared that he got his wife permission to show his fans “just a little bit” of their romantic footage. But he took the liberty of pairing it with the single because it seemed to be the perfect fit.

“I don’t know if that’s her favorite song,” he added. “But it was the right one for the footage.”

Nicole Kidman has been one of Keith Urban’s main muses since he started dating her in 2005. A prime example of that is his 2017 hit The Fighter, which was entirely inspired by his early days with Kidman, according to PEOPLE. Whether or not Kidman was a catalyst for Without You is unclear. However, the lyrics clearly hold special meaning to him today.

Urban did not say if more audiences will be privy to the special viewing. But it’s always a possibility, and there are still plenty of opportunities to catch a show just in case.

Keith Urban’s residency currently has dates in March, June, July, and November. Tickets are available on Ticketmaster.