Kelly Clarkson’s Cody Johnson Cover Is So Good Social Media Wants Her to Do a Country Album

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by JOCE/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Kelly Clarkson broke into the music industry in 2002 following her American Idol win during the TV show’s premiere season. Since then, Clarkson has proven herself as a diverse, capable artist. Her collection of hit singles spans two decades, seeing her explore genres including pop, country, and dance with ease. Now though, after performing a cover of Cody Johnson‘s hit “‘Til You Can’t” during the “Kellyoke” segment of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the pop star’s fans are dying to hear a Kelly Clarkson country album.

Country Now reports Kelly Clarkson covered fellow Texan Cody Johnson during her show on November 8th. See her performance below.

Kelly Clarkson’s take on “‘Til You Can’t” saw as much love in the comments as Cody Johnson originally did when he released the song to country radio. However, compared to Johnson’s deep, soothing vocals on the original track, Kelly Clarkson’s voice rings out strong, the cover boasting a strong vibrato that gives new life to the song.

Taking to the comments on YouTube, one Kelly Clarkson fan wrote, “I pray one day she does a country album. She’s made for it.”

“Wow this one actually got me teary eyed,” a second commenter added. “What a beautiful song, and only elevated by yet another top notch vocal by Kelly. I agree with a lot of the comments, and have been saying this for a while, we really do [need] a country album from you Kelly.”

Unfortunately, the “Already Gone” singer hasn’t teased any such project so far.

Kelly Clarkson Faced Unexpected Battles Following ‘American Idol’

As beloved as she is now, Kelly Clarkson didn’t always have such a vast fanbase or successful career. In fact, where we might have expected American Idol to give her a boost in spearheading her career in music, she said she actually faced a lot of challenges.

In the early 2000s, one of the biggest issues facing female artists was that the industry “needed” them to appear “sexy.” Sexy was the word of the early millennium. And it’s why icons like Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera were appearing on album covers wearing as little clothing as industry executives could manage.

Kelly Clarkson on the other hand, just 20 years old at the time of her American Idol win, only wanted to make music. She didn’t want to fall into the “sexy” trap. Recalling that time in her career, Clarkson admitted during a recent interview, “It was not great. It was just really hard for me to navigate the industry.”

While she encourages women to love and embrace their bodies, nudity just wasn’t part of the plan for her career in music. Instead, she explained that she wanted her career to be entirely about her artistry.

“Women love to be sexual,” she said. “Everybody likes to be flirty…But every woman is not just that one thing. We are multifaceted.”

Speaking for herself, Clarkson said, “I had to fight like hell to make sure that it didn’t push the envelope for me.”