Kelsea Ballerini Says She Feels ‘Like a Sociopath’ Promoting Album While Going Through a Divorce

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMA)

Although she’s currently celebrating another milestone in her music career (aka the release of her album Subject to Change), Kelsea Ballerini says there are some bittersweet feelings about promoting the record.

While making an appearance on Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen, Ballerini stated she feels like a sociopath while promoting her new album amid her divorce from Morgan Evans. The couple announced their split in late August.

“I have a really beautiful life,” Ballerini explained. She noted that she’s so lucky to have the “dream career” she has because she gets to write about her life.  “And sometimes while promoting this album, I feel like a sociopath, because I’m presenting this thing I’m really proud of and I’m really happy to be in this chapter and putting this record out. But at the same time, there’s a lot going on in my life.”

Ballerini further revealed that when she looks at that perspective, she steps back. “Which I’m doing a lot of recently, I’m like, I talk about this album, about it being a juxtaposition. And I’m in such a juxtaposition while putting it out. So of course, it’s like this.” 

Meanwhile, Ballerini opened up about her single DOIN’ MY BEST which she describes as being a celebration of taking ownership of cringe. “Because I think, when you’re just like, ‘These are the things in my life that you’ve seen that are chaotic. And I understand they’re chaotic. Trust me, I’m experiencing it. It’s more chaotic than you’ll know, but here it is. And I’m truly just doing my best.’”

Kelsea Ballerini Opens Up About the Meaning Behind Her ‘Subject to Change’ Album 

As she continued to discuss her new album, Subject to Change, Kelsea Ballerini explored the real meaning behind the record. 

“I loved the idea of [change] being such a relatable universal topic,” Ballerini stated. She said that she’s always been not a fan of change. “Because it’s been something that has influenced my life in ways that I don’t always love or that I’m now always ready for. And I liked the idea of making a record, and especially starting a record, with a song that says like, ‘But what if we take the power away from change?’ And what if we go, ‘It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen.”

Ballerini also encourages her fans to not worry so much about change. “Whether it’s bad change or good change, it’s meant to happen for me in my life and where I’m supposed to get to. And when you take the power away from it and the fear of change away from it and you just open your arms up to it, you start living.”

Along with promoting Subject to Change, Ballerini is kicking off her 10-city Heartfirst tour on Saturday (September 24th). Her first stop is New York City.