Kelsea Ballerini Gives Inside Look at Her Nashville Farmhouse

by Samantha Whidden

Weeks after announcing her split from her husband of five years Morgan Evans, country music songstress Kelsea Ballerini is giving her fans an inside look at her home in Nashville, Tennessee. 

While featured as the cover story of The Spruce’s latest edition, Kelsea Ballerini shares the ins and outs of her modern farmhouse-style home. Speaking about her homestead, Ballerini said, “I have a dog, and I grew up on a big piece of land. I realized that I needed to connect with that part of myself again. It’s a small lot; it’s half an acre, but it’s just enough for this chapter of life.” 

Speaking about one of her favorite spaces, her home office, Kelsea Ballerini revealed it has become a safe, creative place for her. “If I am working from home in any capacity, whether it’s Zooms, writing, or whatever, I’m here. I come here in the morning with a cup of coffee and just sit with my guitar and play for a little bit. Or I pull up a blank Word document and see if I have anything that feels inspiring.”

Kelsea Ballerini further spoke about her interest in cooking, especially for guests. “I learned that I love to cook over the pandemic. Now that I’m home a little more and have a bit more balance in my life, I really enjoy cooking or people. I think it’s the Italian in me that’s like, ‘Let me feed you pasta, and here’s some wine.” 

Kelsea Ballerini fully admitted it wasn’t easy to design the digs due to her style. “I felt like my style was changing a bit. I still love an element of patterns and color and texture, but I wanted this house to be a little more mature feeling. I’m a maximalist and I love wallpaper.”

Kelsea Ballerini Opens Up About how Making Music For a Living Saved A Lot of Teenage Years 

Meanwhile, Kelsea Ballerini spoke about life before her stardom and revealed that everything could have gone in so many different directions. “The idea of making music for a living saved a lot of my teenage years,” she explained.

Upon graduating from high school, Kelsea Ballerini said she enrolled at Lipscomb University to study communications. It was a deal she made with her mother. “My mom and I had a deal that I would go to college until I could make some sort of a living off of music. I would go to school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then Tuesdays and Thursdays were my music days, so I would co-writer, or play whatever venue would let me play.” 

However, Kelsea Ballerini admitted that being in studios and radio stations wasn’t originally what she wanted. “Growing up, I loved music, but didn’t think you could just choose to be an artist. That didn’t make sense to me.”