Kelsea Ballerini Offers a ‘Healing Thought’ Amid Divorce From Morgan Evans

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Larry McCormack/Variety via Getty Images)

It’s been a tough few months for country music star Kelsea Ballerini. In August, the “HEARTFIRST” singer announced her divorce from fellow artist Morgan Evan. She then later revealed that making the split officially was a “deeply difficult decision,” with the two singers emphasizing the cordiality of their split. Most recently, the former couple reached a divorce settlement. Now, amid all the grief and legalities that accompany a divorce, Kelsea Ballerini took to social media where she bravely spoke out about a recent “healing thought.”

After making an appearance at the 2022 CMA Awards earlier this month, CMT reports the country music singer embarked on a vacation on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Following a massage session while on the cruise, Ballerini headed to TikTok where she, once again, vulnerably spoke out about her feelings and how she plans to heal following her divorce from Evans.


a lil healing thought 🤍

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“I just had this thought,” she began, “I went and got a massage, because I’ve been traveling a lot, and my neck and shoulders are super messed up. When the lady put her elbow into my shoulder, I flew off the table. It hurt so bad, and as she kept working on it, it started to hurt less and less…that’s how it works.”

She then shared how that metaphor began to spiral in her thoughts and how it less tangibly represented her current struggles.

“Healing is really painful,” Kelsea Ballerini continued. “Especially when the point of it isn’t to run away from the thing that hurts, it’s to run towards it.”

Reflecting on her divorce, the singer shared with fans, “Every time you run back to the place of pain, you uncovered what you learned from it … eventually, you run back to it enough where it stops hurting. One day you wake up, and your shoulders are just right back down, where they’re supposed to be.”

Fans Show Love for Kelsea Ballerini Following Divorce Settlement

As stated Kelsea Ballerini’s remained very vulnerable and open about her emotions and mental state throughout her divorce. After posting her “healing thought” to TikTok, fans flocked to the comments to show their support.

“Please NEVER stop sharing your thoughts and metaphors,” one TikTok user wrote. Another said, “this is the sweetest thing I’ve heard today[,] so true.”

A licensed massage therapist also offered her insight regarding Kelsea Ballerini’s latest post and her thoughts about both mental health and massage therapy.

“As a licensed massage therapist,” one person wrote, “you get it. It’s what we do vs. what people think we do. You get the point of the real work though. You’re awesome!”

Others praised Ballerini’s metaphor, sharing positive thoughts with the singer as she navigates this difficult part of her life.

“Incredibly eloquent and insightful Kelsey, thank you for sharing!”

A final fan gushed, “Love ya Kelsea! Gotta sit thru the pain and feel every inch to get on the other side of healing. We’re here for you.”