Kelsea Ballerini Reveals New Collab With Two of Music’s Most Powerful Female Vocalists

by Clayton Edwards

Kelsea Ballerini announced her fifth album Subject to Change back in July. Since then, she’s given small teasers as to what will be on the album. The singles “Heartfirst”, “The Little Things”, “What I Have”, and “Love Is a Cowboy” are good indications of what to expect. Additionally, Ballerini has teased some collabs from the record.

Not long ago, Kelsea Ballerini posted a photo of her and Carly Pearce in a studio. That led fans to believe that she would be cutting a song with the reigning CMA Female Vocalist of the Year. They were correct. However, that’s only half of the story. There’s another big name attached to the same song.

In a recent Instagram Q&A, Kelsea Ballerini shared a text message exchange between her and two unnamed artists, according to Country Now. In a text to an unnamed artist, she wrote, “Finishing up my record and have a song that I wanted to turn into a sassbomb female moment and just have to ask if you would be part of it. It’s country as sh*t and I’ve also asked [redacted] to be on it, so it would be a little trio. Let me know what you think?”

The other artist responded, “I love it! Love [redacted] as well! Also, ‘country as sh*t is my favorite kind of country music ha! I’m in.”

In a recent social media post, Kelsea Ballerini revealed that the third artist on the track is Kelly Clarkson.

Kelsea Ballerini Reveals Collab with Carly Pearce, Kelly Clarkson

“So, y’all have been asking for months now if there’s a collab on the album, and I’ve hinted that there is. And, I did post a little sneaky picture and you guys are spies. You did guess that it is, indeed, my girl Carly Pearce,” Kelsea Ballerini said in a video. With a grin, she continued, “but, but, but, friends, I did fool you because it is not just Carly Pearce, we have a trio,” before cutting to a video of her with Kelly Clarkson.

In that clip, Kelsea Ballerini and Kelly Clarkson announce that they’ll be teaming up with Pearce for the song “You’re Drunk, Go Home” for Subject to Change.

We won’t get to hear the song until the album drops later this month. However, Ballerini said it would be “country as sh*t” and called it a “sassbomb yeehaw collab” in the caption of the reveal video. That could mean that the song will see the trio leaning hard into a 90s country sound. After all, Kelly Clarkson famously ranted about wanting to hear more traditional-sounding country from women. Additionally, Carly Pearce is no stranger to traditional-sounding country music. On top of that, all three artists have amazing voices. “You’re Drunk, Go Home” is destined to be a highlight from Subject to Change.