Kenny Chesney’s ‘Here and Now’ 2022 Tour Sets Attendance Record at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium

by TK Sanders

Country music superstar Kenny Chesney still draws a crowd three decades into his illustrious career, as evidenced most recently by his new attendance record at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium. To celebrate the occasion, his team released some of his thoughts and reflections from a lifetime on the road.

“When Kenny Chesney got on the highway ‘with a head full of dreams and a heart full of songs,’ he was carrying the torch for every kid just like him,” the press release began. “[He] sings about life in the flyover, about capturing the small moments, the real thrills, the revelations. [And over the years] he forged a bond with his audience, the No Shoes Nation.”

If there’s one thing we know about Chesney, it’s that his loyalty to his audience is beyond comparison. In fact, that loyalty has made Chesney the only country artist to make the Billboard top touring acts every single year for the past 13 years.

And just when you think there are no more records to break, Chesney sets a new attendance record at Nashville’s largest concert venue. “With perfect weather, the audience helped lift Chesney to a new high in what has been a summer of pitch perfect shows,” the release continued, “giving the audience back the innocence and beauty of a simpler world before touring stadiums became an impossible proposition.”

Kenny Chesney brought out a very special guest for his sold-out Nissan Stadium show

Indeed, instead of lamenting about COVID-19, fans of country music now get to talk about their favorite renditions of hit songs like “American Kids” or “Young” at the summer Kenny show. To make the concert even more unforgettable, Chesney brought out some well-known guests, as well.

“The real emotional center came when Kelsea Ballerini, dressed in jeans, a red t-shirt and sparkle high tops, was introduced to sing their No. 1 hit ‘Half of My Hometown,'” the release said.

On stage at the show, Chesney told the audience that he and Ballerini actually do share the same hometown, which makes the song more special.

“I grew up in East Tennessee and she grew up in East Tennessee,” he shared. “We drove down some of the same roads together, and we went to a lot of the same places to eat with our families. We listened to the same radio station, and listened to a lot of people tell us we couldn’t do certain things that have dreamed of all our life…”

As the two-hour set ran through other hit singles like “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” “Don’t Happen Twice,” “Pirate Flag” and “Beer In Mexico,” it became apparent that the world of country music is just plain better when Kenny Chesney is touring.

“Being here in Nashville where so many dreams came true, seeing Kelsea on the verge of making the same kind of mark, it made me realize how strong this connection is. It’s not just fun or hooks or guitar riffs, it’s one massive heart that we all share,” Chesney said after the show. “To have that is the greatest gift, greatest reason for doing this. And tonight really hit me in the soul.”