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Kenny Chesney Releasing Song in Honor of Late Pup Ruby for Charity

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage)

As anyone who’s ever formed that incomparable bond with a pet knows, when they inevitably cross the rainbow bridge, the ensuing heartbreak is unbearable. They were more than a dog or cat, they were family, your very best friend. The bottomless depths of loss and love in the wake of their departure are indescribable. But Kenny Chesney did his very best to put words to the bond between a pet and its owner.

And in honor of his beloved Ruby, Chesney is taking his latest track a step further. With “Da Ruba Girl,” Kenny Chesney pays heartfelt homage to “every dog in the world” like Ruby. In addition, he’s donating the proceeds to Stray Rescue of St. Louis, among the largest rescue shelters in the US.

“I wrote ‘Da Ruba Girl’ about Ruby because she was this spirit who had so many different pieces to who she was. It was a fun song, and I’d recorded it, but never included it on an album,” Chesney told People. “Instead, we’d play it on No Shoes Radio, where it became a fan favorite. People loved the song, I think, because they all knew a dog who had the same kind of spirit or heart. You know, the kind who was an underdog, who wasn’t the obvious choice.”

Kenny Chesney Showers Praise on St. Louis Animal Shelter

Ruby was part pit bull, making her an unwanted option for many prospective dog parents. In many shelters, pit bulls are euthanized before ever given a chance for adoption. The stigma surrounding pit bulls is wildly unfair. But the truth is, a third of dogs in shelters are pits. In larger cities, that number jumps to as many as 65 percent.

Kenny Chesney, however, was able to look past her breed. He saw her for the dog she truly was – “an ancient, calming soul” with a tender heart. “They give so much love, so much joy and loyalty,” Chesney said. “People don’t realize that, so these dogs have a much harder time getting adopted.”

“It’s one of the most wonderful things about the Stray Rescue of St. Louis shelter. The way they find the dogs people abandon and throw away, who may have been abused or just left somewhere, and they heal them. Then [they] find them homes where all that love they have can be returned.”

In addition to the proceeds from “Da Ruba Girl” going to Kenny Chesney’s favorite animal shelter starting tomorrow (December 9), the country music icon is encouraging his listeners to donate on the shelter’s website as well if they can. (Be sure to note that it’s “In Honor of Da Ruba Girl” if you do!)

“When a dog dies, it’s a hole like no other,” Chesney explained. “And as much as you love your dog when they’re alive, you really understand how deep that bond was when they slip away. For every dog in the world like Ruby, I hope ‘Da Ruba Girl’ can bring them new homes, raise money for the shelter, and remind people there’s a really profound love that happens when you adopt a rescue who truly needs a home.”