Kenny Chesney Shows Off His Incredible ‘Sports Den’ at His House on Joe Buck’s Podcast: VIDEO

by Chris Haney

During a recent podcast appearance, country music superstar Kenny Chesney showed off his awesome sports den and opened up about his love of sports. In a clip from Friday’s episode of the Daddy Issues with Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson podcast, Kenny Chesney popped in for a conversation from his house. That’s when he gave a quick, impromptu look at his sports man cave.

The country singer joined the popular podcast last week for a segment called “Celeb Pop-In.” As he joined the show, Buck noticed the background of the room Chesney was in. “Look at you in your little sports den,” Buck amusingly said to his guest.

“Oh, you oughta see my sports den. Check it out,” Chesney responded before panning the camera around the room. As the musician shows off the immaculate room, viewers can see tons of sports memorabilia in the background. The room is littered with built-in wooden shelving that holds numerous (presumably) signed football helmets. There are also some framed photos that are hard to make out, several awards and plaques, and multiple guitars hanging on the walls.

“That’s beautiful,” host Joe Buck said of Kenny Chesney’s sports den in his house. “You are maybe the most legitimate sports fan that doesn’t do sports for a living.”

In a snippet of their full conversation, Chesney explained that he gets his love of sports from his dad. Unfortunately, the 54-year-old and his father didn’t have much in common when Kenny was growing up. However, sports became the one connector between the father and son during Chesney’s childhood.

Kenny Chesney Opens Up About Sports Connecting Him to His Father

“I got my love of sports from my father,” Kenny Chesney explained. “That’s the one thing we always had in common. We didn’t have a lot of other stuff in common. And that’s how we connected.”

While speaking from his man cave, Chesney spoke further about his and his dad’s relationship. The two weren’t in each other’s lives on a daily basis when he was younger. But they found their connection and love for one another through sports.

“You know, we never had the relationship where we were in each other’s lives all the time. I think once I got older, I realized that’s the one thing that we truly had in common and where we found love for one another. You know, sometimes that’s enough,” Chesney added.

As the guys continued their conversation, co-host Oliver Hudson asked the country star if he’s ever written any music about his dad. Chesney then talked about his song “Coach” from his 2016 album Cosmic Hallelujah.

“I wrote a song called ‘Coach,'” Chesney answered. “‘Coach’ wasn’t totally about my father, but there was a lot of him in there.”

Referencing Chesney’s earlier statement saying that sports connected him and his father, and that that was enough for the two of them, Hudson had a song title suggestion. “It’s a good title. ‘Sometimes That’s Enough’ I think is a good title for a song,” the co-host said as everyone shared a laugh and Chesney agreed. The laughs continued when Joe Buck started to sing the chorus to the hypothetical track with a country twang in his voice. You can listen to Kenny Chesney talk more about sports and his career in the full podcast here.