Koe Wetzel Announces Fall 2022 Tour Dates

by Jonathan Howard

He’s back and ready for more. Koe Wetzel has announced new tour dates for the fall and fans are going to want to see this. The “Drunk Driving” singer has dates from August through November and he’s going to be playing in all kinds of cities.

If you are a big Koe Wetzel fan, there’s likely going to be one show that is close to you. And if you’ve never seen him live, here’s one guarantee: it’s going to be a rowdy country music show. He’s one of the more eccentric performers out right now. With high-energy songs mixed with familiar stories from regular life, Wetzel has found his niche. For example, there aren’t many singers in country music that could do a 4/20 show with Snoop Dogg. The ones that come to mind immediately are Willie Nelson…and…well that might be about it.

Check out the post below and see the tour dates for yourself. Hopefully, you see a city that’s within a reasonable distance from you.

“Did somebody say Round 2? Use the code KOE2022 starting Wednesday @ 10:00 am to get your tickets,” the caption reads. What do you think, folks? Are you looking for tickets on Wednesday morning for the show closest to you?

Koe Wetzel Keeps Doing Things His Way with Fall Tour on the Way

One thing that you won’t see from Koe Wetzel on this tour, is doing what others are doing. He’s kept it original, from his fashion to his music, his style is his and he owns it. While on stage, he excites the crowd, basically giving pep talks like a coach at halftime, before he rolls into another one of their favorite tracks.

Of course, Wetzel has been on tour throughout the spring. So, perhaps you have already caught a show this year. However, what we see from his shows is a commitment to give the crowd what they want. That includes dropping new songs at concerts and performing unreleased tracks regularly.


Shower Time

♬ April Showers – Koe Wetzel

With the rest of his year planned out as far as touring goes, and his popularity booming, we can only imagine those tickets will be selling out quickly. And if you aren’t familiar with Koe Wetzel yet, keep your eyes peeled, because this is a name we might be talking about for a long time to come.