Kolby Cooper Reflects on His Grand Ole Opry Debut

by Clayton Edwards

It has been a wild couple of years for Texas-born country music sensation Kolby Cooper. He made a name for himself with his EP Boy from Anderson County back in August of 2021. His single “Excuses” helped to propel him to prominence in the genre. In August of this year, Cooper released his full-length label debut Boy from Anderson County to the Moon. That album showed new facets of Cooper as a writer and performer and was one of the best albums to come out in August. To say he is riding a wave of success would be an understatement.

This past weekend, Colby Cooper’s wave got a little bigger when he made his Grand Ole Opry debut. Stepping into the sacred Circle is a dream for many country artists including Kolby. It was even more exciting for the young Texan because his family – wife Jillian and daughters Charlee and Josie – were there to see his dream come true. The “Boy from Anderson County” singer made the most of every moment of his Opry debut. Check out his “Opry debut photo dump” below.

Kolby Cooper Reflects on His Opry Debut

Kolby Cooper didn’t let a single moment of his Opry debut day slip by. He let every moment from the time he stepped in the door until he walked off the stage really sink in.

Preparing for the Show

“Getting to walk in with my family through those back doors knowing what I was going to be doing in a few hours was surreal,” Kolby Cooper told People. “I got to stand there with them knowing I was going to mark off a huge goal on my long list of sh*t I want to do.”

“To have my girls there with me was so special,” Cooper said. “Getting to see them act and react in this environment was very fulfilling. It’s for sure one of the things about that night I won’t forget.”

On social media, Kolby Cooper revealed that he brought a few more friends and family members with him to the Opry as well. He wanted the people who have been there for him since the beginning to see this huge milestone in his career. However, that wasn’t the only connection to his hometown roots that he brought with him. Cooper also played his old guitar on the Opry stage.

He told People, “The guitar I played has been my go-to guitar since I was a freshman in high school. So, getting to share another big moment in my career with it was so cool.”

Before the show, Kolby Cooper rehearsed his two-song set with the house band. That, he said was one of the easiest parts of the night. “Obviously, they’re some of the best players around, so we just rolled through each song once and said, ‘Sick – see you on stage!’”

Kolby Cooper Steps into the Circle

This was a whole new world for the boy from Anderson County. “After they said my name and everyone started cheering, I started walking out. The rush that I felt with every step was like something I had never felt before.” Watch Cooper take the Opry stage below.

Kolby Cooper played “Excuses” and “Stars Fall Down” for the Opry crowd. The first song is his radio single, the other is one he wrote for his daughters to inspire them to chase their dreams. This set earned him a standing ovation. If the rest of his career is any indication, this will be the first of many for the rising star.