Kolby Cooper Reflects on Releasing His Label Debut ‘Boy from Anderson County to the Moon’

by Clayton Edwards

We’ve been watching Kolby Cooper since he dropped his Boy from Anderson County EP in August of 2021. A little more than a year later, Cooper released his full-length major label debut Boy from Anderson County to the Moon. That release expanded on the EP that introduced us to the young Texas-born country singer and earned a slot in our best-of playlist for August.

Kolby Cooper co-penned all 13 tracks on his latest release. He dug deep and got personal on this one. He looked closely at his family life, his loved ones, and his new life as a touring musician. Because the songs on the record were so personal, Cooper said this record is his favorite music that he’s released, according to Country Now.

The Two Sides of Kolby Cooper

 The tracks “Boy from Anderson County” and “To the Moon” close out the record and reveal its spirit. On one hand, he’s a husband and father of two girls. He and his wife also have another baby on the way. On the other hand, Cooper is one of the hottest young artists in the business today. That keeps him on tour with his “road family.”

Kolby Cooper told CN that he wrote “Boy from Anderson County” for his wife. “She’s been my best friend since fourth grade. We’ve had this beautiful relationship and I finally wrote a song just for her.”

“Boy from Anderson County”

He went on to say that he knew he wanted that song to be the album’s title track. “But,” he added, “once we wrote ‘To the Moon’ me and all the guys in the band, we got these tattoos. So, that song also means so much to me.”

An Emotional Rollercoaster

Boy from Anderson County to the Moon covers the spectrum of human emotion. You have love songs like “Boy from Anderson County” for his wife and “Stars Fall Down” for his daughters. Then, there’s the breakup banger “Excuses” and “Are We On Fire” about a relationship on the rocks. Kolby Cooper intentionally packed his album with a range of emotions.

“I’m a big fan of albums and I’m a big fan of full, complete projects. When I listen to an album, I wanna feel like I’m on a roller coaster, I wanna feel all the emotions. I wanna feel the highs and lows of the album,” he said. He had that in mind when building the album’s tracklist.

Cooper revealed that he’s been sitting on some of these songs for a couple of years. “When you’re making an album, you don’t make a song on Tuesday and then the whole album comes out the next week. It’s a whole process,” he said. “Like, ‘Stars Fall Down.’ We wrote that in January of 2020, before COVID hit or anything.” So, he’s been living with these songs and loving them for quite some time. “It’s surreal to finally have them out and to have them where people can listen to ‘em and see people connect to the songs and all that… It’s really cool.”