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Lainey Wilson Debuts New Song Titled ‘New Friends’ on ‘Yellowstone’

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for BMG/BBR Music Group)

Lainey Wilson has once again added a new track to her recent album Bell Bottom Country. She did this, of course, by premiering it on “Yellowstone.” On Sunday’s episode, Nov. 27, Wilson wasn’t actually performing the song in character as she did with her other new track “Smell Like Smoke,” which premiered on episode 3. But, the song was “hidden” in a scene with Jamie Dutton and Sarah Atwood, according to Wilson.

The song, titled “New Friends,” played while Jamie and Sarah were flirting at the bar near the end of episode 4. The song goes, “I might sound crazy / But you know I’ve always been / And at least I ain’t lonely / Except every now and then / Ain’t nothing here can hold me / Like only you can / If you ain’t coming back baby / I’m thinking maybe I could use / Some new friends.”

Pretty fitting for the scene and the people in it, if we’re being honest. Additionally, according to a press release from Lainey Wilson’s team, she’ll have more music on the show. Her songs “Hold My Halo” and “Watermelon Moonshine” will appear on the show later in the season. Will she be performing them in character as Abby, or will they simply be overlaid in a scene? We’re hoping we get to see Wilson performing on the show more. But, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Lainey Wilson will embark on her first headlining tour on January 1 in Spokane, Washington. The Country with a Flare Tour will make 27 stops and end on March 31 in Columbus, Ohio.

Jamie Dutton and Sarah Atwood: Is He Totally Wrapped Around Her Finger?

While Lainey Wilson’s new song was playing in the background, Sarah Atwood and Jamie Dutton were getting to know each other. But, Sarah has some tricks up her sleeve, and we’re wondering if Jamie knows it. Is he aware that she’s trying to use him? Or is he just playing right into her hands?

Bunkhouse Boys Ian Bohen, Denim Richards, and Jefferson White discussed this topic on an episode of the “Yellowstone” aftershow Stories from the Bunkhouse. About what Jamie does and doesn’t know, the boys split their opinions three ways.

“So few people have tried to use love and charm and affection to manipulate Jamie,” said Jefferson White on the episode. “So it does seem like when Sarah comes in and uses a different tactic to get close to him, it’s very effective.”

“I think he wanted to buy into it,” said Denim Richards. “He understands that this is a manipulation tactic, but I also think in his own mind they may go so far down the road that she may actually feel something for him as well. And I think that’s where the trap is ultimately going to be laid.”

However, Ian Bohen disagreed. “[Jamie] has no idea,” he said. “In that moment [when Sarah asks Jamie out]. As soon as it’s in front of you, something switches off and it’s like, ‘oh man.’ […] And despite the audience going, ‘don’t do this,’ he thinks, ‘I’m it.’”