Lainey Wilson Drops Hilarious ‘Tammy & Mildred’ Skit to Promote New Song ‘Heart Like a Truck’

by Jonathan Howard

With a lot of momentum already in pre-saves, Lainey Wilson has her new song prepared to take off, and it hasn’t even come out yet. Heart Like a Truck seems like it will be a fun track. The country music singer, in order to promote the song, put together one of her Tammy & Mildred sketches.

Playing four different characters or so, Wilson was able to get in a few puns and jokes. She really put a lot of work into this one it seems with the wardrobe and everything. It’s a fun video for fans of the country music singer. And, I imagine it will get a few more pre-saves and downloads thanks to the success of the video.

Check it out below.

Tammy & Mildred out here spilling all the tea. Y’all are so close to 5k pre-saves/pre-adds on my new song, ‘Heart Like A Truck’! Have a feeling y’all will be getting to hear the chorus real soon,” the caption says.

The country music singer is on the rise. She’s been one of the hottest names in the genre for the last year and it’s finally started to pay off. With radio plays, awards, and a lot of recognition from across the genre. It’s something that should keep going as she prepares to drop the new single.

One thing is for sure, Lainey Wilson fans are very excited to get this new song. She had a lot of support in the replies from fans, others in the industry, and more. Out of all she’s done in the last year, one award might stand out among the rest.

Lainey Wilson, Best New Country Artist

According to the new iHeartRadio award that Lainey Wilson has, she is the Best New Country Artist, so this new song is a big deal. The momentum from that award could mean big things on the way. Wilson is taking it all in stride though. She takes none of it for granted. She was very thankful after receiving the award in March.

“The amount of love and support y’all have show[n] me this year has been unreal,” she said on Instagram. “From [on the verge] to winning best new country artist. This truly is a dream come true.” She also added, “I’m here and I deserve to be here, and that’s a damn good feeling.”

The iHeart award is huge. However, the next steps could be even bigger for Wilson and her career.

Keep your eyes open for Lainey Wilson’s new song Heart Like a Truck and there might even be a little bit of a teaser coming any day now. Exciting stuff for fans of the country singer.