Lainey Wilson Gives Nod to ‘Yellowstone’ in ACM Honors Performance

by Clayton Edwards

Earlier this year, the world learned that Lainey Wilson would join the cast of the hit show Yellowstone. Before landing a role in the show’s fifth season, Wilson felt a connection to the show. She grew up in rural Louisiana around cowboys. To her, watching the Duttons go about their business was like watching her family. Then, the show featured a handful of her songs.

When a musician gets their music featured on Yellowstone, they usually get a boost in listeners. The show did wonders for folks like Zach Bryan and Whiskey Myers. The show also introduced Lainey Wilson to a whole new audience. In her recent performance during the ACM Honors show, Wilson played a fiery rendition of her song “Workin’ Overtime.” Check it out below.

Lainey Wilson Gives a Nod to Yellowstone

For Lainey Wilson and many others, Yellowstone is the perfect blend of cowboy life, drama, action, and country music. So, giving a nod to the series during the ACM show at the Ryman Auditorium was fitting.

Yellowstone featured Lainey Wilson’s “Workin’ Overtime” in the season 2 premiere. The track plays during a bar scene near the end of the episode. Over the years, they’ve featured a few more tracks by the Louisiana native on the show. However, “Workin’ Overtime” was the Yellowstone audience’s introduction to Wilson. So, that song obviously holds a special place for her.

Wilson Joins Yellowstone

Lainey Wilson’s road to Yellowstone started with the show featuring her music. That eventually led to Wilson forming a friendship with showrunner Taylor Sheridan. Later on, Sheridan invited Wilson to Las Vegas to play at a horse riding competition. While there, she was able to get to know Sheridan a little better.

Then, in 2020, Lainey Wilson played a show for the Yellowstone cast and crew. A few months later, Taylor Sheridan gave her a call. “He said, ‘I want to create a role specifically for you,’ and I’m like ‘You’re sure you want to do that? Let’s do it,’” Wilson recalled. She went on to say that she loves pushing herself and doing things that are “scary” for her. Acting on one of the biggest shows in the United States would be daunting for anyone. Wilson, though, has never acted before. As a result, she is feeling the full weight of her new role.

Luckily for Lainey Wilson, her Yellowstone character won’t be a stretch for her. “It’s pretty much me,” she said of the character. “I’m getting to sing my own songs, I’m getting to wear my get-up, I just go by the name Abby.”

Overall, Wilson says that the opportunity to work on the show was unexpected. But, she says it feels like a “blessing from the Lord.”