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Lainey Wilson Has Perfect Reaction to Viral TikTok About Her Butt

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

This week, Lainey Wilson has skyrocketed to another level of stardom due to her remarkable posterior gracing social media. She’s now become a sensation on social media since footage from her recent live performance was shared across the internet. Take a look at the TikTok video below to see if you can get to the bottom of what all of the fuss is about.

@caittybear Didn’t want to be a gatekeeper of my Lainey view. #fyp #northcarolina #laineywilson ♬ original sound – Caitlin Carroll

Yet, the rationale behind her recent viral sensation is not necessarily professional-based. Instead, fans are recognizing another feature in the singer’s toolbox. A remarkable backside.

The 30-year-old Lainey just released a sensational album called Bell Bottom Country and is already raking in recognition on the country music scene. She also has a high-profile acting gig on the hit show Yellowstone. She even made light of all the talks about her rear by posting an amusing post on Instagram. “I can’t even go on my TikTok without seeing my fat butt on everything,” she wrote. “It says #trend.”

Nevertheless, she is well aware that there could be an upside to any kind of exposure. “Whatever brings the people in,” she added. “But I’m just telling you all, go check out my record, Bell Bottom Country. Happy to have you either way.”

In the comments section, people proudly praised her and showed their appreciation for her derriere. “I’m here because of your butt, to be honest,” one fan commented. However, her backside showed this fan the light. “But turns out you’re a great singer,” they added.

Lainey, who plays Abby in the popular Paramount network show, addressed the buzz over her posterior on an Instagram story with a mission to bring joy to others through her derriere. “Happy holidays!” she wrote alongside a video of herself doing a high kick. “Take a break from looking at my butt for a minute and look at my shirt.” On her shirt read the phrase, “This shirt saves lives.” She detailed what the shirt meant in the post. “I’m proud to wear (the shirt) and support the kids at St. Jude fighting cancer.” Lainey then generously divulged a lesser-known secret. “Fun fact: My last gig as a Hannah Montana impersonator was at St. Jude,” she revealed. “It’s an important place.”

From a young age, Wilson already demonstrated musical talent before heading to Nashville in the hopes of making it as a country singer. In 2014, her first album hit stores, and two years later she released another record under Lone Chief label. Later on, Wilson obtained a publishing deal that ultimately culminated with an EP release in 2019 containing “Things A Man Oughta Know”. By 2020, this very song had been given single status through BBR Music Group and managed to land itself at the number one spot on the American Country Songs chart.