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Lainey Wilson Invites Young Open Heart Surgery Patient on Stage, Child’s Mother Floored by the Gesture

by Taylor Cunningham
Lainey Wilson
(Photo by Brent Harrington/CBS via Getty Images)

The mother of the little girl who stood on stage with Lainey Wilson last week is gushing over the country music star’s kind gesture.

Nine-year-old Davey Jean headed to Wilson’s concert in Visalia, CA on Saturday, Jan. 14, to celebrate recovering from multiple open heart surgeries in her life. Before going, she and her mother, Brittney Stanley, crafted signs that shared Davey’s good news in hopes that the singer would see them and give her a shoutout.

Wilson did see the signs, but she did one better than a shoutout. She invited Davey on stage to stand for a round of applause. Then she gave the brave little girl a long hug. And she dedicated her single, Heart Like a Truck, to her medical journey.

Following the event, Brittney shared the story on her Instagram page and gave a huge thank you to Wilson for making the night so special and memorable for Davey.

“I think we are still in shock over the fact that Davey got to get on stage last night with her favorite artist,” she wrote. “Mommy, Lee, and Santa worked hard to get her these tickets and spent all day making posters in hopes that Lainey would see them.”

“Well, not only did she see them but Davey got to go on stage and get a big hug, a kiss on the head, and her poster is now signed for life! Thank you @laineywilsonmusic for making our girl feel how special we already know she is! Your concert was amazing and I’m sure Davey Jean will remember it forever!”

The Brave Lainey Wilson Fan Suffers From a Rare Genetic Disorder

Along with the caption, Britney includes several pictures that highlight the night. In one, they hold up the three signs they made, including one that calls Davey Wilson’s “Biggest Little Fan,” which Wilson autographed.

The others show Davey and her parents in the crowd hoping to be spotted. And several others capture Davey on stage with her new friend.

In an interview with Country Now, Brittney revealed that Davey was born with a rare genetic condition called 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. The condition can cause heart, immune, learning, speech, and/or behavior difficulties. Davey has had several procedures, including “complex open-heart surgery” when she was 11 weeks old. She also attends speech, physical, and occupational therapy. Because of a speech delay, Davey and her family learned ASL early on. And that was how she first began to sing her favorite songs.

“We are die-hard country fans,” said Brittney to Country Now. “And she even learned to sign songs before she could actually sing them. She is so charismatic and fun to be around and truly has a Heart Like a truck and a heart of gold.”