Lainey Wilson Releases Down-Home Anthem ‘Live Off’

by Samantha Whidden

Less than a week after posting an acoustic performance of her single Live Off, Lainey Wilson officially released the single. 

While sharing more details about Live Off, Lainey Wilson took to Instagram with a clip of the new song’s music video. “This one’s one of my favorites off of my new album,” Wilson declared in the caption. “So I’m really excited to let y’all hear it early! Live Off is all about the things that make my world go ‘round… my backroad hometown, my dog, my family, my friends, and music, of course.” 

Lainey Wilson’s Live Off lyrics read, “I live off crumpled dollars from an old pickle jar/ I live off what I’m growing in the back of the yard/ Folgers hot in the morning/ Sun shining on my double wide/ I live off seven hours with a dog in the bed/ I live off of them letters written in crimson red/ Sunday talks with my mama.”

Along with the debut of Live Off, Lainey Wilson reminded her social media followers when her new album will be released. “Y’all can pre-order/pre-save Bell Bottom Country (out October. 28th).” The full music video of Live Off can be viewed here at 3 p.m. EST.

Lainey Wilson Opens Up About Her Sophomore Album ‘Bell Bottom Country’ 

According to Country Daily, Lainey Wilson has been sharing a lot of details about her sophomore album, Bell Bottom Country. 

“I’ve lived quite a bit of life the past few years,” Lainey Wilson stated. “And I have a lot more to say. Sure, I love a good pair of bell bottoms but Bell Bottom Country to me has always been about the flare and what makes someone unique – I have really embraced mine and I hope y’all can hear that across the project.”

In 2018, Lainey Wilson reflected on the term bell bottom country and what it means to her. “Bell bottom country is a term that pretty much explains me in a nutshell,” she told CS Country. “Because you can probably tell from my accent and the way that I talk that I’m pretty country. I grew up in a town with 300 people; my dad’s a farmer and my momma’s a teacher, so I’m super country, and country music just [runs] in my veins.” 

Lainey Wilson also said that she has a “love affair” with bell bottoms. “When I was about 6 years old, I had a pair of bell bottoms that I got from Limited Too; they were leopard and I never wanted to take them off.” 

Lainey Wilson went on to add that bell bottom country gives her a 70s and carefree vibe. “I feel like during that time, people were very loving and carefree, and that’s the kind of attitude I want to portray in my music.”