Lainey Wilson Reveals How She Plans on Celebrating Her CMA Awards Wins

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

Prior to her epic wins at the 2022 CMA Awards with the New Artist of the Year award, and then Female Vocalist of the Year, Lainey Wilson revealed what she’s doing to celebrate her new awards.

While chatting with Taste of Country, Lainey Wilson declared that she’s planning on spending some money on a brand-new car. “I am such a tightwad,” the country music hitmaker explained. “I’m not even playing. Like, I saw my money. It’s crazy. I’m still driving around a vehicle right now with a leaky sunroof, that smells like mildew. So it’s time to – yeah. If we win, we’re gonna figure it out.”

Winning both awards left Lainey Wilson completely speechless. While accepting her award for New Artist of the Year, Wilson declared, “Wheew! If you know me, you know that I am rarely speechless, and I feel pretty speechless right now. I will say, this one right here is for that nine-year-old little girl who wrote her first song — who knew in her heart that this was what she was supposed to do. This one’s for those eleven years that I’ve been here in Nashville and have not taken ‘no’ for an answer. Thank you. This right here is for everyone who’s believed in me and a little bit for the ones that even didn’t.”

When it came to her Female Vocalist of the Year award, Lainey Wilson said she didn’t expect the award at all. “I look up to every single one of the ladies in this category — they have all influenced me and inspired me — and I’m so honored just to even be nominated for this. This is huge.”

Following Major Health Scare, Lainey Wilson Attended the CMA Awards With Her Father 

Also during the CMA Awards, Lainey Wilson announced she attended the big event with her father, who spent two months in the ICU after sustaining a fungal infection. He underwent several surgeries, including the removal of his left eye. 

“I want to say, a few months ago my daddy got real sick and we thought we were gonna lose him,” Lainey Wilson explained. “He spent two months in ICU and he’s walking the carpet with me tonight. He’s here. This one right here is for my daddy, Brian Wilson. I ain’t talking about the Beach Boy, I’m talking about the cowboy! I’m so excited that you’re here with me.”

Lainey Wilson also stated that her awards are for her family who believed in her before anyone else did. “And again, the best team in the world and the best fans. I promise you, I know I’m new to a lot of folks, but I won’t let y’all down — I promise you.”