Lainey Wilson Reveals How ‘Wait in the Truck’ Hardy Collaboration Came to Be

by Blake Ells

Lainey Wilson and HARDY just dropped a powerful new track titled “Wait in the Truck.” It’s not quite a traditional murder ballad, but it’s a modern version of the time-tested subgenre of country music. Recently, the duo debuted it live for the first time at Dierks Bentley’s Seven Peaks Music Festival in Colorado. It’s about a woman trying to escape an abusive relationship and the unlikely justice she finds. HARDY has called the song the best track he ever wrote.

She stopped by Sirius XM’s The Highway on Thursday and discussed how the collaboration happened. Check out the clip below.

“Lainey Wilson and HARDY bring light to heavy situations that people are scared to talk about in their song ‘wait in the truck,'” the video post is captioned.

She was asked more about how the collaboration came to be.

“You know, HARDY has always been a buddy of mine,” she said. “Anytime his truck breaks down, who does he call? Me. To borrow my truck. So of course we’re singing a song about a truck. But I love HARDY. When I tell you – when I think of the best songwriters in Nashville – really just in the world – he is one of those people. He makes me want to be a better performer. He makes me want to be a better writer. So of course when he sent me this song, we couldn’t say yes quick enough.”

Lainey Wilson Was Blown Away by the Message in ‘Wait in the Truck’

Lainey Wilson said that it was more than just HARDY’s songwriting prowess. It was what was being delivered.

“More importantly than that, it’s really just the message that this song puts out there,” she continued. “You rarely hear songs like this. It is a song about domestic violence. But it’s bringing light to heavy situations that people are scared to talk about. And I really, truly believe that it’s our job as artists to sing about the things that the things that some folks are scared to talk about.”

Lainey Wilson is hot right now. She received more CMA Awards nominations than anyone. Her new album arrives on October 28 and it features her latest single “Watermelon Moonshine.” During AmericanaFest in Nashville, she revealed that the track will be included in season five of Yellowstone. She also joins the cast for the new season. It debuts on November 13. HARDY is pretty hot himself. The longtime songwriter turned performer was honored at this year’s ACM Honors. He also joined ERNEST to perform a medley of Morgan Wallen tunes. It only makes sense to see the pair collaborate. Maybe a joint tour will come soon, but both artists are heavily booked for the remainder of 2022.