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Lainey Wilson Reveals Inspiring Story Behind Swapping Forehead Autographs With Young Fan

by Taylor Cunningham
Lainey Wilson
(Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)

Lainey Wilson had the most endearing full-circle moment during a recent concert stop, and she shared the heartfelt story while chatting with Kelly Clarkson.

The country music star is on her first headlining tour. And as she said during a video on Clarkson’s talk show, the raise in fame makes her feel like she finally has a platform that allows her to give back. One of those ways was by acknowledging and praising a young fan who had been bullied by her classmates.

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Wilson had come across a TikTok video made by the teen. In it, a girl said she had been dressing like Lainey Wilson, meaning she wore a 1970s western fusion. And her peers taunted her for it.

Fast forward to the concert stop, Wilson was on stage singing and saw a sign that read, “will you sign my forehead?”

Wilson recalled thinking the sign was great, so between songs, she said “Absolutely, you better get up here. I’m gonna sign your forehead.”

As the girl made her way to the stage, Lainey Wilson recognized her from the video.

“You look like you’re straight-up out of Fleetwood Mac,” Clarkson said while wondering why anyone would make fun of her signature style. “I love your look.”

“Yeah, and I think that kind of scares some people,” Wilson Laughed. “But this little girl, it did not scare her. So when I realized it was her, I brought her up on stage, and I had her sign my forehead.”

The high-profile nod of respect undoubtedly helped the teen earn some clout in the halls. But Kelly Clarkson made sure to note that the girl should always remember that high school ends. And those bullies will cease to matter.

“I love that,” Clarkson gushed. “That’s so cool!”

“And tell her, ‘all those girls making fun of you are gonna peak in high school,” the host added.

Lainey Wilson Invites Young Open-Heart Surgery Patient On-Stage

Lainey Wilson has been big on repaying fans for their support and inviting them on stage for their 15 minutes of fame. At another recent concert, she even stopped her set to call a little girl in front of the crowd.

That girl, nine-year-old Davey Jean, had been struggling through a life of medical issues caused by a heart disorder.

Because Davey Jean has been an avid fan of the Heart Like a Truck singer, her mother scored tickets to a concert when Wilson came through town. And ahead of the show, the two crafted a couple of signs that shared the little girl had gone through several open-heart surgeries.

Lainey Wilson, of course, noticed those signs and happily invited Davey Jean to the stage. Following the act of kindness, Davey Jean’s mom got on Instagram to give a huge thanks to the country music star for making her daughter’s dream come true.

“I think we are still in shock over the fact that Davey got to get on stage last night with her favorite artist,” she wrote. “Mommy, Lee, and Santa worked hard to get her these tickets and spent all day making posters in hopes that Lainey would see them.”

“Well, not only did she see them but Davey got to go on stage and get a big hug, a kiss on the head, and her poster is now signed for life! Thank you @laineywilsonmusic for making our girl feel how special we already know she is!” she added. “Your concert was amazing and I’m sure Davey Jean will remember it forever!”