Lane Kiffin Is Pumped About Morgan Wallen Releasing ‘Don’t Think Jesus’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Lane Kiffin briefly moved from college coach to music critic — he loves Don’t Think Jesus by Morgan Wallen.

Then again, this may be more Kiffin trolling of his Tennessee rivals. The country superstar and the Ole Miss head football coach certainly like to tweak each other on Twitter.

Earlier this week, Lane Kiffin loved the new Morgan Wallen song so much that he shared an article about it. But you’ll have to translate his emojis. The song gets five Kiffin fires (maybe those are stars, we are talking college football), an “He didn’t,” plus a clap.

Now, Lane Kiffin does love him some Morgan Wallen music. He was pumping the tunes very loud at a recent spring practice. This was back on March 24. And we know this because Kiffin tweeted that it was a “Morgan Wallen kind of day at practice.’

Wallen gave Kiffin a retweet with this playful caption “Heupel is looking for a quality OC.” Heupel is Josh Heupel, head coach of Wallen’s beloved Tennessee Vols. So Kiffin responded with “Ok if you promise no golf balls.”

Yes, you probably need a scorecard to keep up with the taunts. Last October at Neyland Stadium, Ole Miss and Tennessee played a barn burner of a football game. The Vols needed to convert a fourth-and-24 late in the game. Their play came up one yard short.

When the refs gave the ball back to Ole Miss, the crowd went wild. And that’s not a hyperbolic observation. The student section started pelting the field with water bottes. Someone even threw a yellow golf ball. The school band and cheerleaders needed to be evacuated from the field. This went on for about 20 minutes before the situation in the stands eased up to start play again.

Kiffin kept the golf ball as a souvenir, even bringing it to the post-game press conference.

Kiffin voluntarily brought up the golf ball incident last month. The Ole Miss baseball teamplayed host to fifth-ranked Tennessee. Kiffin threw out the first pitch in the series opene r. But rather than throw a baseball, Kiffin lobbed the yellow golf ball.

Everybody enjoyed a nice laugh, especially the Tennessee baseball team. But the Vols waited a bit for their part of the joke. Tennessee swept all three games against Mississippi.

As for Wallen, he’s about to release the song in question, Don’t Think Jesus. The song will drop April 15th. That’s Good Friday. The song is about a young man who drinks too much whiskey and chases too many women. Then, the man realizes he can’t continue this lifestyle anymore. Wallen said he cried the first time he heard the song.