LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About Filming Daring ‘Spaceship’ Music Video

by Alex Falls
Steve Jennings / Contributor / Getty

LeAnn Rimes broke into country music fame age the young age of 13 when “Blue” became a huge hit in 1996. Now at the age of 40, she’s ready to bare all in the music video for her next single, “Spaceship.”

The new video was directed by her husband Eddie Cibrian. It features Rimes make-up free and wrapped in a blanket in the nude. Complete with close-up shots of her dropping the blanket and walking away from the camera.

“Nothing new to be seen here,” Rimes jokingly told Entertainment Tonight of the shooting the moment her husband filmed her so exposed. “Especially on this record, everything feels exposed. I think it was purposeful. I think that it’s that raw and that stripped down. It’s like, why take the viewer or myself out of the moment of a feeling of being one with everything around me? It was a purposeful thought process behind that.”

The Intimate Shoot Brought LeAnn Rimes Closer to Her Husband

The couple filmed the footage in private while visiting the Alabama Hills in California. Cibrian captured the impromptu footage on an iPhone. But they weren’t sure if the footage would be used. However, Rimes said, “[People have] seen my butt in a bikini a million times.” Cibrian also spoke with ET and described the instantaneous inspiration.

“We stopped there, and the light was setting and the wind was picking up a little bit and I just felt inspired. I said, ‘Take your clothes off. Put this blanket on. Let’s shoot something. I just want to shoot something,'” Cibrian said. “We just started to shoot.”

“Sometimes moments happen and you can’t recreate them ever again. This was one of the times where everything kind of came together beautifully,” he then said. “It told the story that I thought we should tell for this song visually. It’s beautiful, it’s raw, it’s everything.”

Rimes called her husband “amazing” and said having him behind the camera of the intimate shoot allowed her to access her emotions much easier than if it was on a traditional set of a music video.

“Emotionally, I was able to go to the place that you see in the video because it was him,” Rimes said. “He basically just took an iPhone and stayed out of my way. That’s what it was. He just kind of worked around me. I felt like I was almost out by myself in the middle of this desert. He knows me so well that he kind of can follow what’s happening on my inner world to be able to capture it.”

Rimes added that she “can’t watch this video without crying, because it captured something that I don’t think has ever been captured on film for me, which is this real, deep, inner world.”