LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About Her New Album ‘god’s work’

by Samantha Whidden

Prior to the release of her new album god’s work, LeAnn Rimes sat down to share more details about the record. 

During her appearance on Billboard News, LeAnn Rimes opened up about her new album. When asked what inspired the album’s title, Rimes shared, “Well, for me, it was the first thing that jumped out at me. We had a whiteboard with these titles written on it. And this is one of the first ones we wrote for the record. I just knew that I wanted that to be the title.”

LeAnn Rimes further explained that God can be multiple things to different people. “For me, it’s like insert the word love, insert the word creation, and I felt like everything that was flowing through me for this album was a part of that.” 

LeAnn Rimes went on to say that the new album explores the “light” in the dark. “The duality of light. Yeah, it’s a complex record,” she explained. The How Do I Live? songstress went on to discuss the challenging parts of the album. “The challenging part is being able to step out of your own way and allow for what wants to be birthed through you.”

LeAnn Rimes Shares Details About Her Single ‘How Much a Heart Can Hold’ 

Meanwhile, LeAnn Rimes opened up about one of the songs on her god’s work album, which is titled How Much a Heart Can Hold. 

“I wrote that song for our wedding as a gift,” LeAnn Rimes shared. “I’m also a stepmom there’s that layer in that song talking about my stepsons. It really does reflect our relationship. And so I never thought that would see the light of day.”

LeAnn Rimes also stated that the song wasn’t actually planned to be released. However, social media helped push it out for mainstream listening. “I put it on Instagram to celebrate our 10-year anniversary, which was last year. And so many people commented, they’re like, ‘What is the song? Where can I get it?’ And I thought it fit the sentiment of the album and it kind of found its home.” 

LeAnn Rimes further discussed what is going to be a surprise on the album for her fans. “There’s a lot of great collaborations. I actually haven’t met Ziggy [Marley]. It was right in the middle of COVID. So everyone was [at home]. We couldn’t be together in one room. So it was a very different way of creating a record this time around.” 

In regards to the songwriting approach she had with the album, LeAnn Rimes added, “When we wrote the songs, every song had its own vibe. We all have a very similar frame of mind and heart and are putting same messages out in the world.”