LeAnn Rimes Reveals Her Dream Collaboration

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images)

Country music singer LeAnn Rimes found almost instant fame in the industry at the age of 13 years old after her hit song Blue made it to the airwaves in 1996. Rimes’s latest album, Gods Work which has released in September marks the 17th studio album for the beloved country music superstar.

This massive success no doubt reflects a very successful and prolific career in the public eye, performing some of our all-time favorite hits. However, there is one goal Rimes has for her career…and this comes in the form of a dream collaboration with non-other than jam band icon, Dave Matthews.

“I would love to work with Dave Matthews,” the Spaceship singer reveals in a recent interview. Rimes explains that the bass player for Dave Matthew’s iconic band, The Dave Matthews Band, had a guest appearance on her most recent album, collaborating on one of the songs. A partnership that she hopes might eventually lead to her dream collaboration.

LeAnn Rimes Stepped Out Of Her Comfort-Zone Setting Up A Recent Collaboration

According to the country music star she ran into Dave Matthews bass player Stephan Lessard after attending one of the band’s concerts at the Hollywood Bowl. And, after finding some courage that may or may not have come from “a few drinks” Rimes invited Lessard to collaborate on her Gods Work album.

“I don’t ever go up to people and go, ‘hey! You wanna play on my record?'” LeAnn Rimes relates. The singer remembers, however, speaking to Lessard backstage commenting on his “soulful” style. And asking him if he would like to play on one of her upcoming songs.

It ended up being an experience the country singer values to this day. Rimes notes that the bass player was “so kind” and they had a great time. So now she hopes to continue her collaborations with the group, singing with Dave himself next time.

Rimes Reveals All In Powerful Video For Her Single, Spaceship

LeAnn Rimes’s first video from her newest album was directed by the singer’s husband Eddie Cibrian. The video features the singer a make-up-free Rimes wrapped up in only a blanket. It’s a feel, the singer says that is intended to be “raw.” A purposeful and stripped-down look at who she is underneath all of the glamour.

“Nothing new to be seen here,” Rimes quips to Entertainment Tonight od the video.

“Especially on this record, everything feels exposed,” the singer relates.

“I think it was purposeful,” she adds. “I think that it’s that raw and that stripped down.

“It’s like, why take the viewer or myself out of the moment,” Rimes continues. “Of a feeling of being one with everything around me? It was a purposeful thought process behind that.”