LeAnn Rimes Speaks Out About Milestone 40th Birthday, Epic Celebration in the Works

by Megan Molseed

Country music superstar LeAnn Rimes is facing a major milestone today, Sunday, August 28 as she turns 40 years old. And, the Can’t Fight The Moonlight singer isn’t going to let the big moment pass her by!

“We have three celebrations planned,” the Grammy-winning music artist says of her milestone birthday.

“I’m at that point where I’m seriously ready,” LeAnn Rimes tells People. Rimes also adds that she’s ready to say goodbye to the previous decade…as she embraces the new one.

“I’m over my thirties,” she says, quipping “let’s get to 40!”

LeAnn Rimes Gets Reflective As She Releases New Album, Says Goodbye To Her 30s

LeAnn Rimes’ first album in two years god’s work, is set to drop in just a few weeks on September 16. And, this upcoming album has inspired the How Do I Live singer to do some major self-reflection. Especially as she’s spent much of the last three decades growing up in the music spotlight.

“As a child, I remember thinking 40 was so old,” Rimes relates in a recent interview. The star, who experienced a meteoric rise to fame at the young age of 13 years old with her chart-topping version of the Bill Mack hit Blue, adds that she has a very different outlook now that she’s there.

“Now that I’m there, I feel like I have so much life under my belt,” Rimes explains.

“I’m much wiser,” the singer says. And, LeAnn Rimes adds that she wouldn’t go back to her early-adult years for anything.

“I wouldn’t be 22 again if you paid me!” Rimes jokes.

Her 40th Isn’t the Only Major Moment LeAnn Rimes Is Celebrating This Summer!

On July 9, 1996, 13-year-old LeAnn Rimes hit the music scene with her unforgettable rendition of the popular ballad Blue. It only took a few weeks for the hit to reach number one on the charts, turning the young singer into one of the most sought-after singers of the time. And, this summer, Rimes honored the song’s 26th anniversary with a throwback Instagram post.

“How it (kind of) started vs how it’s (still) going,” LeAnn Rimes quips in her July Insta post.

“26 years ago to the day, #blue hit the number one spot,” the star continues, noting that she is “grateful to still be performing it now.”

“[T]hank you for making little le’s wildest dreams come true,” Rimes continues in her Insta post.

“[A]nd supporting me ever since!” she adds. Then, the singer drops some info about her long-awaited album gods work.

The clip is a great one for any fan of the longtime singer. It starts with LeAnn Rimes in the early days as she begins to sing her career-making hit. Then, Rimes splices this footage with a more recent video…really giving us a glimpse of where she “started” vs where she “is now”!