LISTEN: Dierks Bentley Teases 10th Album With Release of New Single, ‘Gold’

by Jim Casey

Dierks Bentley released a shiny new single, “Gold,” on July 29. The banging, live-in-the-moment track will be featured on Dierks’ upcoming 10th studio album, which is expected to drop in early 2023.

Dierks released his self-titled debut album back in 2003, so his upcoming 10th solo project represents an unofficial 20th-anniversary celebration. And it sounds like the pandemic allowed Dierks the chance to reset, both personally and sonically.

“2020 was a chance for me to give my guitar and the road a little rest,” says Dierks Bentley. “It gave me the chance to spend a lot more time adventuring outdoors with family and friends, but also alone. It also gave me time to reset and rekindle my love of country music and a lot of the types of songs and sounds that I fell in love with when I first got to Nashville. I think you’ll hear that in this first track, but it carries across the whole album.”

Dierks Takes the Helm

Dierks helmed the upcoming project while working with longtime collaborators Ross Copperman, Reid Shippen, and Jon Randall. The album mashes up several Nashville golden ages, as well as paying homage to the Grand Ole Opry’s century of influence.

“Sometimes, taking a gravel road, it feels like gold,” says Dierks in a Twitter clip. “When you’re just living life in the moment. All the ups and downs. You don’t really realize it at the time, but those gravel roads are gold.”

Listen to “Gold” below.

Bentley Stays Busy

Dierks’ upcoming 10th album represents his first solo project since the release of 2018’s The Mountain, which was co-produced by the aforementioned Ross Copperman and Jon Randall and mixed by Reid Shippen. The Mountain produced two No. 1 singles, “Woman, Amen” and “Living.”

Of course, in 2020 (under his alter-ego Douglas “Doug” Douglason), Dierks fronted the Hot Country Knights. The 1990s-era “parody” band dropped their debut album, The K Is Silent, in May 2020.

More recently, Dierks found success on the country charts with a couple of singles. His 2020 release, “Gone,” reached No. 2 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. And his most recent single, “Beers on Me,” featuring Breland and Hardy, topped the Airplay chart in April. Neither of those two singles has been officially attached to a larger project, so no word on whether they will be featured on the upcoming 10th album.

Dierks will co-host the CMA Fest TV special with Elle King on Aug. 3 on ABC at 7 p.m. CT.