LISTEN: Lainey Wilson Previews Unreleased Song ‘Live Off’ in Acoustic Performance

by Samantha Whidden

Giving fans a sneak at her latest project, country music hitmaker Lainey Wilson previews her unreleased single Live Off in an acoustic performance. 

In her latest Instagram post, Lainey Wilson performs the track. “This one’s all about the things that make my world go ‘round,” Wilson captioned the post. “It’s called Live Off lemma know what y’all think!” 

The lyrics to Lainey Wilson’s Live Off single read, “I live off crumpled dollars from an old pickle jar/ I live off what I’m growing in the back of the yard/ Folgers hot in the morning/ Sun shining on my double wide/ I live off seven hours with a dog in the bed/ I live off of them letters written in crimson red/ Sunday talks with my mama.”

Meanwhile, the performance of Live Off comes just days after Lainey Wilson performed an acoustic rendition of Workin’ Overtime at Songs of Yellowstone panel for AmericanaFest. During the panel discussion, Wilson spoke about the first song she had featured on the hit TV series, which was Workin’ Overtime. 

While speaking about Lainey Wilson’s song, Angela von Forester, who is Yellowstone’s music supervisor, said, “I came to Nashville on a scouting trip and I told everyone that we don’t do pop country. We do the Red Dirt kind of thing. I heard Lainey’s music and I said… this. Done. I heard Workin’ Overtime and I played it for Taylor [Sheridan].”

Lainey Wilson also chimed in with her reaction. “They chose it and I was thrilled about it. I was already in love with the show. I already had an immediate connection to the show.”

Lainey Wilson Says Country Music Is ‘Who’ She Is 

During an interview with Holler, Lainey Wilson spoke about what drew her to country music and why she believes that the music genre is who she is. 

“For me and my family, country music has really been more than just a genre,” Lainey Wilson explained. “It truly is just what we were surrounded by. I’m from a town of 300 people, and we live out every single line of a country song. So most of my influences are definitely country.”

However, Lainey Wilson said she loves and has always loved Britney Spears. “Of course, nine-year-old Lainey really loved some Britney Spears, but country music is what we live for. It’s what my daddy would listen to on the tractor and it’s what my mom would dance to in the kitchen.”

In regards to when she really started getting into music, Lainey Wilson added, “At 11 years old, I started playing guitar and that brought me into the whole songwriting world. It’s just been one of those things that is a part of me in that no matter what, even if I was doing something completely different, I would still be writing music.”