LISTEN: Luke Combs Drops Snippet of Unreleased Song ‘Used to Wish I Was’

by Lauren Boisvert

Seems like Luke Combs is subscribing to the Zach Bryan brand of album previews by sharing this new song “Used to Wish I Was”; he’s been sharing snippets of the new album, “Growin’ Up,” on Twitter ahead of the June 24 release. Recently, he shared a preview of the unreleased song “Used to Wish I Was.”

“Used to have a Tennessee Bill Dance Hat, but barely ever got ’em in the boat / I used to wanna hit ’em like Chipper did, but I swung it just a little too slow / Yeah these days I don’t wanna be anybody but me / I used to wish I was, but I’m glad I’m not,” sings Combs in the first verse. I’m speculating that the song continues like that in the second verse, which we haven’t heard yet; mentions of things Combs wished he did, but never achieved.

But, the song isn’t about not achieving your dreams and giving up. It’s more about realizing that you’re the best as you are; you don’t need to have lofty goals to be like your favorite public figures. Everyone has their own talents, and Luke Combs–who recently celebrated his 13th consecutive No. 1 hit–is satisfied with how he turned out as a person.

Luke Combs’ ‘Used to Wish I Was’ Tells Us It’s Okay to Be Who We Are

“Used to Wish I Was” is a good song for anyone who’s feeling down about what they haven’t accomplished in their life. Your life isn’t totally about what you can do, it’s mostly about who you are. Combs admits he’s not the best angler, and he’s not the best golfer. But, he’s satisfied with where he’s at: as a musician, a performer, and a “Carolina good old boy.”

This is just a snippet of the full song. But, it’s already shaping up to be a favorite on the new album. It’s rhythmically unique, while sonically it’s what we’re used to from Luke Combs. He produces down-home country music, guitar-heavy and classic with a contemporary twist; but his lyrics are real and relatable, and “Growin’ Up” is sure to be his most polished album to date.

Combs Brings Down the House With Cody Johnson

Cody Johnson and Luke Combs, two of contemporary country’s biggest names right now, performed together in Denver recently at the first of three stadium shows. They performed a rousing rendition of David Lee Murphy’s “Dust On the Bottle.”

Any time you get big names together like this for crowds in the six-figures, it’s going to be a good time. The stadium tours aren’t just featuring Johnson and Combs, though. Zach Bryan and Morgan Wade are along for the ride as well. Combs, Johnson, and Bryan are on top of the world right now, it seems–Luke Combs is releasing a new album soon and headlining his own stadium tour; Cody Johnson continues to climb the charts; and Zach Bryan is basically carrying contemporary country music with his new album “American Heartbreak.” Essentially, things are looking up for the country music crowd nowadays.