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LISTEN: Riley Green Previews New Song ‘Wild Woman’ Ahead of Official Release

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

The Duckman has blessed us again. With another teaser track, Riley Green is officially on a roll, and fans are loving it. So, Outsiders, get ready for “Wild Woman” because the country music singer says the single is coming out tomorrow, officially. This was after Green already sent a teaser for another song that has yet to release.

For Green, the world must feel like it is at his fingertips. He’s released his first live album, fans are going crazy for him at every show he plays, and now he has new music on the way. He knows how to keep that momentum going.

Check it out below.

This is a little different from the singer. Green has no problem with doing songs that are outside of the typical mainstream sound. While this song still sounds like a modern country music song that you’d hear on the radio, it feels a little more vintage.

I think that Riley Green has been hanging out with Tim McGraw lately because can feel some of that influence in this clip. So, we’ll wait for the full song to come out before we do any hard judgments. But, thankfully, that won’t be much longer. “Wild Woman” is coming out tomorrow and fans are going to have it on repeat for the weekend I think.

Earlier today, Green teased “Miles on Main” earlier, and then followed it up with this. Both songs come out tomorrow, and that has us wondering if a surprise album is on the way. That would be a huge bombshell and his fans might just lose their minds. Only one way to tell, try to stay up till midnight.

Riley Green has Big Plans for Friday

Some of us like to get our plans for the weekend out of the way before we get there. However, with Riley Green dropping new music on Friday, that changes things a little bit. Honestly, I’d like to see Green makes this pivot to a bit of an older sound. It suits him, and he has a passion for the genre that can really come out in that style.

With other unreleased songs like “Mississippi Or Me” and “Good Morning From Mexico” on fans’ minds, Green could do the same thing next week if he wanted to. The more new music that comes out from the singer-songwriter the better, right? The Alabama native knows how to keep his fans paying attention, that’s for sure.

2022 has been great for Riley Green so far. With more music on the way, that means only more momentum. He’s going to be making a name for himself this year and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him score a couple of awards in the next year or so.