LISTEN: Zach Bryan Teases Unreleased Song ‘Twenty So’

by Lauren Boisvert

Zach Bryan has been sick with COVID recently; obviously, the only logical thing to do while you’re sick with COVID is release snippets of new music. He posted part of an unreleased song on Twitter today, called “Twenty So,” and let’s just say we’re already excited for whatever Zach Bryan has planned next after his chart-topping debut American Heartbreak.

“How close can a man come to God before dying? about as close as you were, when you were trying, to shade the sun from your eyes on the creek’s edge darling, there’s a bar around the bend a man is bending blues guitar in,” Bryan wrote on Twitter, quoting from the unreleased track. Underneath, he wrote, “twenty so,” leading us to believe this is the title of the song.

“Twenty So” sounds like a melancholy acoustic track so far; it’s raw, is a possible one-take, and potentially hasn’t been mixed at all. So, Zach Bryan’s rough and guttural vocals shine on this track. It starts out with the lyrics that Bryan quoted in his tweet, and then launches into a chorus.

“When the day is done / Those neon lights call you home / You’ll be begging for a savior to come and save ya / From the savage times of twenty so / When the night is through / Those American girls are headed home / You’ll be begging for a savior to let you save her / The sweet nights of twenty so.”

Seems like this song is planning to explore the desperate years of being “twenty so.” Your twenties are interesting years, life-changing, full of mistakes and triumphs. There’s definitely enough material to write songs about in those years. Zach Bryan, who’s twenty-six, currently has the unique experiences of the mid-twenties; those are some of the worst and most interesting years, in my opinion.

Zach Bryan Teases Unreleased Track in the Midst of Recovering from COVID

On May 31, Zach Bryan announced that he tested positive for COVID. He also reassured fans that he’d taken every precaution while performing in support of Willie Nelson on May 29. He shared on Instagram that he woke up feeling woozy with body aches, and tested positive for COVID twice. Bryan also explained that he had to cancel his Salt Lake City and Spokane shows. He rescheduled those for July 7 and 13, respectively. He also had to cancel an appearance in Seattle with Luke Combs, who recently announced who would take Zach Bryan’s place.

Zach Bryan shared yesterday that he’s feeling better, though; he claimed that he’s been writing songs and playing video games in his downtime. In response to a fan asking how he’s feeling, Bryan tweeted, “doing fine!! lungs were weird for a few but writing tunes and playing Mario Kart so I think I’ll see y’all in Richmond.”