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LoCash Has a New Reality Show for Overlooked Athletes in the Works

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Sara Kauss / Stringer

Country music duo LoCash has big plans for 2023. According to the Maryland natives, they will release new music and a new reality show focused on athletes. 

According to a new report, the country music pair has partnered with “The Voice” producer Audrey Morrissey to create a new series that follows overlooked athletes as they try to get a second chance. 

Before the 2022 CMA Awards in Nashville, Preston Brust and Chris Lucas revealed the show will follow both male and female athletes seeking a new chance. According to Brust, getting a chance at redemption is nothing new to the group. 

“It’s really about giving some guys their fair shot. We know that feeling all too well,” Brust revealed. “With these athletes, we’re just trying to find some guys who, maybe they, got overlooked. Maybe they got injured.”

In addition to struggling to make it big in the industry, Brust was also diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy in 2009. Although it’s a rare condition, it affects nearly 40,000 Americans. You can read more about his struggles with Bell’s Palsy here

LoCash hits the field for Thursday Night Football

In addition, Lucas revealed that the new reality show, titled Found, is set to come out sometime next year. The duo will act as the show’s producers but also make appearances themselves on the show. 

LoCash’s fans will know that the pair have faced their own adversity. For nearly 15 years, the two have worked tirelessly to make a name for themselves in the country music industry. Finally, in 2015, they got their moment when they released their hit song, “I Love This Life.” Then, in 2020, they rode that momentum with several more hits, including “One Big Country Song.” But, despite their success, they never got recognition from various awards shows. 

Although they got an invite to this year’s CMA Awards, the group admits they still sometimes feel overlooked. “But we’re nominated this year so that feels good. Don’t feel overlooked right now,” Brust revealed ahead of the ceremony. 

In addition to the show, the two are also set to drop a new patriotic song titled “Three Favorite Colors.” They’re also hitting the road next year with Kane Brown on his Drunk or Dreaming Tour.

Additionally, LoCash recently combined their love for sports and music when they took to the field to perform during the New England Patriots game on Dec. 1 when they faced off against the Buffalo Bills at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. They also performed alongside the Patriots Cheerleaders for Thursday Night Football. 

During the game, the Patriots got beaten by their divisional rivals, Buffalo Bills. The Bills secured a 9-3 record as the Pats dropped to 6-6 for the season.