LOOK: Luke Bryan Wishes Happy 21st Birthday to Nephew Tilden With Epic Fishing Shot

by Suzanne Halliburton

Ask Luke Bryan. There’s not a better way to spend an afternoon than being out on a lake, catching fish with your boys. Extra points for a beautiful day.

So Luke Bryan found a photo of that family memory to wish one of his boys a happy birthday. The country music superstar and American Idol judge shared such a photo in a celebratory Instagram photo. He captioned it:

“Happy 21st Tilden. Love you buddy. Can’t believe we can now play blackjack together.”

Tilden, or “Til” as friends call him, is the oldest son in the Luke Bryan family. Tilden is part of the sentimental story of why country fans fell in love with this Georgian for more than his music.

Bryan’s older sister, Kelly, died a year after Luke married wife Caroline in 2006. Then in 2014, Lee Cheshire, Bryan’s brother-in-law, died of a heart attack, leaving his two nieces and a nephew without parents. So Luke and Caroline expanded their family. His nieces — Jordan and Kris — already were in college. But Tilden still was in middle school when he came to live with his aunt and uncle. Now, he’s Bryan’s oldest boy. Luke and Caroline also have Bo, who is 14, and Tate, who is 12.

Luke Bryan’s mother, LeClaire, also wished her grandson a happy day. She replied: “No way this baby can be 21. Love you more than all the angels in the world MAMAW.”

Luke Bryan told People magazine last year that Til reminds him a lot of his big brother Chris, who also died young. Chris passed away from injuries he suffered in a car accident. Luke said he grew up idolizing Chris, who died at 26 in 1996.

Bryan describes himself as Til’s “uncle and friend.” And he told People that he offers “hopefully a glimpse of a father-like example. When I see him do something that’s a little foolish, I have to insert my adult knowledge into his life and say, ‘You know, if you do this, things will be easier.'”

Luke Bryan and Til, Bo and Tate go everywhere. spending a ton of time outdoors. That could include working around the family farm. Or it could be on hunting or fishing trips. Or maybe it’s boating or skiing.

“I mean, we go,” Luke Bryan told People. “I load them up and take them. You gotta try to make time for everybody and love on everybody.”

Meanwhile, Bryan has been quite busy these past few weeks. He dropped a new song, Friday. His latest single is Prayin’ in a Deer Stand. On Saturday, he served as the guest picker for ESPN’s College Football GameDay. This Wednesday, he’s co-hosting the CMA Awards with Peyton Manning.